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What is this fear I visualize,
Is it right to rationalize.
Dare I ask, or analyse.
For fear it might me mesmerise.

Fear can be so devastating
Fear can be so debilitating
Fear can also be disabling
Yet fear can be so motivating.

Fear-full of energy, full of power.
A chemical cosh to make you cower.
Instinctive emotion can curdle and sour.
And can my confidence devour.

A word of anxiety and worry for me.
Of phobia and irrationality.
I maybe scared of some big bully.
Or maybe I’m simply scared of ME.

I fear most all authority
My fear might be mere monetary
Some fears are elementary.
And others contradictory.

I wish to control my fearful emotions.
To grasp hold of chaotic commotions.
I haven’t a clue, nor nary a notion
To stop this madness, this loco- motion.

B. Withers 2007

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Great verse, Bill. This one is very introspective and adequately describes that all over the place frenetic maze that FEAR can fan and feed.Darla
Hello Darla,I agree that fear can lead to frenetic emotional upheaval and it is very prevalent in those who already have a predispostion to be emotionally unstable. These are the people who have provided the wealth of information for poems on this subject. I wrote four on 'fear' as it was obviously one of the more difficult emotions for my 'constructive conversationalists' to get a grip on.As you have expressed your appreciation for the first verse, if no other subject springs up in the next week or so I'll post all four.Best wishesBill
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