To fear



To fear and to be afraid.

A hard emotion to evade.

Germinating deep within.

Destroying potential heroin.

Fear has many different terms.

And our language reaffirms.

Anxiety, worry, phobia, panic.

All the things that make you manic.

Instinctual fear has energy.

That seems to take control of me.

We strive and struggle to control.

But rarely can achieve the goal.

Others always seem so brave.

Not for them to be a slave.

This emotion spurs them on.

Until their fear is somehow gone.

What do they do, what is the knack.

That they can get their confidence back.

Show me the way and show me how.

For I would like to change right now.

I feel instinctual fear’s something.

That’s controlled from deep within.

It’s not someone else’s role

To cure ‘my’ fear within ‘my’ soul.

B. Withers 2006

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