'Relevant To Recovery'


What&rsquo;s relevant to recovery<br />
Is relevant to me.<br />
This obvious discovery<br />
Is just how it should be.<br><br>

Let&rsquo;s think and use some logic<br />
To analyse this theme.<br />
Let us be more specific<br />
And tell of what we mean.<br><br>

To recover implies returning.<br />
And getting something back.<br />
It&rsquo;s health for which we&rsquo;re yearning<br />
Or getting back on track.<br><br>

Returning to &rsquo;my&rsquo; normal state<br />
Is not what I would seek.<br />
For &lsquo;normal&rsquo; was an awful fate.<br />
Ominous, cursed and bleak.<br><br>

I wish to stay away from that<br />
Which made me what I am.<br />
Bullies, bastards, cads and rats<br />
Are those from whom I ran.<br><br>

I don&rsquo;t need all that gamesmanship<br />
Abuse from head to toe.<br />
Nor poisonous relationship.<br />
They do not help me grow.<br><br>

I need a safe and peaceful place<br />
A space where I can be.<br />
Loved and liked with warm embrace.<br />
And friendly company.<br><br>

It would be good alongside this<br />
To have someone to trust<br />
When life&rsquo;s not right and goes amiss<br />
Support is then a &lsquo;must&rsquo;.<br><br>

A &lsquo;good&rsquo; professional near at hand<br />
Is worth their weight in gold.<br />
As long as they can understand<br />
And listen to what they&rsquo;re told.<br><br>

Experience, knowledge and some skill<br />
To help, not hinder me.<br />
I do not want to get more ill.<br />
Because &lsquo;they&rsquo; cannot see.<br><br>

I&rsquo;m not a &lsquo;subject&rsquo; to report.<br />
On what is bad and wrong.<br />
I want &lsquo;appropriate&rsquo; support.<br />
To help &lsquo;me&rsquo; move along.<br><br>

When chaos and emotion reign.<br />
I need a safe abode.<br />
I need to know I can stay sane.<br />
When in a crisis mode.<br><br>

What is my life - I ponder death.<br />
When living seems futile.<br />
I try &amp; try with every breath.<br />
To make it seem worthwhile.<br><br>

To recover is to live.<br />
And try hard not to die.<br />
It combines the take and give.<br />
It gives reason back to why.<br><br>

I need to stop and think and plan.<br />
To find what works for me.<br />
I need to work on who I am.<br />
And who I want to be.<br><br>

I want to change and I will work.<br />
To achieve my goal.<br />
I do not wish to go berserk.<br />
I need some self- control.<br><br>

Can you help me in this task?<br />
This is my brief request.<br />
It does not seem like much to ask.<br />
It could be your best bequest.<br><br>

With your power, skills and wealth.<br />
And your&#39; prized profession.<br />
You could help my mental health<br />
And help avoid regression.<br><br>

I want to stay self-organised.<br />
I want complete control.<br />
I want my life more harmonised<br />
In heart and mind and soul.<br />
<br />
B. Withers 2007<br><br>
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