Happy Birthday Terry


Birthday wishes for Terry (Tess45)

Your birthday falls on Halloween.

When ghosts and ghouls will play.

I hope it is the best that’s been.

That’s all I want to say.

Except to thank you from my heart.

For all that you have done.

And for the friendship you impart.

To each and every one.

All that empathy you have shown.

Your compassion and your flair.

Most of which remains unknown.

But shows to us, you care.

So on October thirty first.

Celebrate your birth.

And enjoy these words I versed.

To extol your worth.

Best birthday wishes

Bill Withers 2011


Thanks so much, Bill - I am really touched. My father always said he didn't know if I was a trick or a treat. May the Great Pumpkin visit everyone and bring them their favorite candy. BOO

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Happy Birthday, buddy......I think your father would agree, you are a treat........ Have the best one ever, and many, many more!! BEG


Thanks very much - planning on decorating my bag in a Halloween style - will post a pic for giggles and kicks

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Happy birthday, young lady. There will be many more. The team in London knows what they are doing because they saved my life over 22 years ago.

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Thanks very much mlp61 and thanks to the surgery you are right - just wanted to say that I am not a full member so I cannot email or respond - but I do go into general chat a fair bit

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