<br />
<br />
A hate of my traits I understand fully.<br />
It usually comes from the corporate bully.<br />
The way I am can make them feel.<br />
I represent their Achilles heal.<br />
<br />
They wheedle their way up the corporate tree.<br />
Then aim to control both you and me.<br />
Once they&rsquo;ve climbed the corporate pole.<br />
They develop their devious role.<br />
<br />
Then they wield their corporate power.<br />
To try to get us all to cower.<br />
They&rsquo;ll try to become the gatekeepers.<br />
So they can withhold their signatures.<br />
<br />
You&rsquo;re used and abused with wile and stealth<br />
All in the name of corporate health.<br />
In means they have no preference.<br />
They want respect and deference.<br />
<br />
They do not want to earn respect.<br />
This is something they just expect.<br />
Respect is one thing they don&rsquo;t give.<br />
They&rsquo;ve no idea how others live.<br />
<br />
Inherently flawed the hierarchy.<br />
Places them &lsquo;over&rsquo; the likes of me.<br />
This makes them feel superior.<br />
Implying that we&rsquo;re inferior.<br />
<br />
They do not take into account.<br />
We all have things that we surmount.<br />
A job&rsquo;s a job when all is done.<br />
They&rsquo;re no more use than anyone.<br />
<br />
Yet from their high and mighty perch.<br />
They do their best to us besmirch.<br />
They&rsquo;ll find fault and criticise.<br />
Then blame us &ndash; surprise, surprise!<br />
<br />
They&rsquo;re blind to any corporate flaw.<br />
No new views will they explore.<br />
They think they know what they should do.<br />
And they want to do it to me and you.<br />
<br />
Corporate bullies subjugate.<br />
They make life hell and miscreate.<br />
And whilst they wish to bully us.<br />
They want us not to make a fuss.<br />
<br />
B. Withers (2009)<br />
I have spent most of my life fighting bullies. However, I find that the pen is mightier than the sword in the majority of bullying situations - so my fightback includes many poems on the subject and those surrounding it.The rhyming verses are usually 'posted' on walls where the bullying is taking place. A bit like bureaucratic graffiti.Best wishesBill

Insert applause here......................!!!!!! Great one Bill, Thanks, BEG

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Corporate bullies? Remember what Charles Dickens had Scrooge say about decreasing the surplus population? Well, when will they ever learn? Never! Never, at least until those pricks find themselves on their deathbeds. Let's hope that more people realize that greed has a short shelf life. Let's also hope that more of us learn how much better a little self-reliance is than dependency on the charity of others.

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