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As a subject there’s no doubt
Death is hard to think about.
It’s difficult to comprehend.
When life’s journey’s at its end.

If in life you have no peace.
Death can be a great release.
It always seems so permanent.
Especially when it’s imminent.

I’m sure you can appreciate.
Death is such a certain fate.
Life is transient – death’s the boss.
It is thus the ultimate loss.

What are you supposed to do.
When talk of death becomes taboo.
Acceptance or dissonance.
Will all depend on circumstance.

Grief will surely follow on.
From this loss when it is gone.
When you’re bereft and vulnerable.
Emotions uncontrollable.

Death creates a menacing motion
A great collision of emotion
Causing chaotic cacophony.
Of life thrown out of synchrony.

We don’t know from where life springs.
There’s no escape for living things.
Death is the sting within life’s tail.
The final breath that we exhale.

No religion or belief.
Has solutions to your grief.
You will just have to find a way.
To live your life ‘til your doomsday.

Don’t dwell on death, for in the end.
You will have lost your life my friend.
So on life’s journey- make a plan.
To live your life as best you can.

B. Withers 2007

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Well done Bill for broaching this taboo subject. But what I love most is your last verse......a great philosophy! Thanks, Colm

Bill you did it again,well put and ty for sharing..ambies...

I don't understand the fear of death or fears about what follows death. As a two-time near death survivor, I also don't understand the survival drive when there is no quality of life left. I tried earlier to begin a discussion about these things and got very little response. I easily and joyfully see what we call death as transition. Yes, I grieve at loss, at every death, but also know a peaceful joy at what the 'dead' person is going toward. I am sorry for the ones left behind but happy for those moving forward. Just this weekend I was asked if I ever had any fear of my own death. My answer is no - only joyful anticipation.
Hello Dawneagle,My feelings on death are very similar to your own. However, I'm not surprised that you got very little response to trying to discuss the matter. Many people find the subject awkward to talk about openly lest they are embarrassed or likely to offend others. I'll post another poem to support your (and my) view but I'm really not sure whether this is the forum in which to publish on this subject.Best wishes Bill

Hi Dawn, I totally agree with you too. And like yourself I was a near death survivor and it brought a whole new meaning. Fear is relative, but now for myself I don't worry about it. When my time comes, it comes. But for now I'm living life as best I can and enjoying it!! Take good care, Colm
Hello everyone,It seems as if we are not alone in not worrying about death. But before we do the subject to death, I thought I would share some more thoughts in another poem in my blog. (It's not often that this sort of thing can be shared openly like this so I'm taking the opportunity whilst I can.)Thanks for all your comments.Best wishesBill
Dawn, I too have been brought back to life I don't feer death as some people do in fact I think it will be a NEW ADVENTURE , I just hope somehow some way I will reconnect with the man I adore and miss every day!eddie
I, too, don't fear death. However, I still want life here on earth for as long as possible. I can still feel the presence of my Memere, my Oma, my Mother, Father and Aunts and Uncles who have passed on. I also have had a couple near death experiences. Blessings to all!!! Carmen
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