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Papermate - for Ambies



Certain things cry out to be.
The subjects for my poetry.
Maybe it’s artistic fate.
Puts pen and poet to his mate.

Few are the times, but now and then.
Just as the paper meets the pen.
With no struggle to be knowing.
Many words will keep on flowing.

No dissonance or disparity.
The concepts come with clarity.
And so the verses grow and grow.
Oh! that this were always so.

B. Withers 1996

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Hi Bill, thank you so much for writing this and in honor of me. I think you have said everything about the concept of writing poems in the exact requirments. I love taking the moment of insperation and when thoughts flow from my mind and i begin to write on a subject. I often suprise myself somewhat when i read whats come out,and im amazed. I also find a great satsifaction in writing my poems,but also value other peoples writing be it stories..or poety.. ty once again,i enjoyed all that you have ambies..
awwww xx
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