What is fear


What is this fear I visualize,

Is it right to rationalize.

Dare I ask, or analyse.

For fear it might me mesmerise.

Fear can be so devastating

Fear can be so debilitating

Fear can also be disabling

Yet fear can be so motivating.

Fear-full of energy, full of power.

A chemical cosh to make you cower.

Instinctive emotion can curdle and sour.

And can my confidence devour.

A word of anxiety and worry for me.

Of phobia and irrationality.

I maybe scared of some big bully.

Or maybe I’m simply scared of ME.

I fear most all authority

My fear might be mere monetary

Some fears are elementary.

And others contradictory.

I wish to control my fearful emotions.

To grasp hold of chaotic commotions.

I haven’t a clue, nor nary a notion

To stop this madness, this loco- motion.

I don’t want my fears undercover,

I don’t want to be a pushover

I want to find a way to discover.

A way forward, a way to recover.

To banish my fears and stay in control

To regain my strength and regain my soul.

To have my life more fulsome and whole.

And get back a life I feel fear had stole.

B. Withers 2007

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That was a great description. Fear can be so controlling in anyone's life. Thank you for sharing this verse. Ambies..

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Hello Ambies,Thanks once again for your comments.The concept of fear was so consistently arising within the conversations I had with the people I work with that it induced a run of poems on the subject. I would share some more of these but I'm beginning to feel that I'm somehow swamping this site with my own poems and that is perhaps not what the site was intended for. Having said that I was mightly impressed with 'Alfie'! and look forward to reading more. (perhaps an 'Alfie' sequel?) Best wishes Bill
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Hi Bill, well I don't know about Alfie 2 but I do have more other poems to share, but if an idea comes to me of Alfie 2, I will surely bring it to light. Thank you for posting. Take care, ambies.

Hello Ambies, Okay then, how about sharing some of your other poems whilst we wait for Alfie 2. Best wishes Bill
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Ok, I will sort through some ambies...
P.S. I see one of your poems is the topic of the month. It's good to talk. Well done, Bill. Ambies...

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