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Sometimes one can’t appreciate.
An illness in its chronic state.
Because it’s with us day by day.
And never ever goes away.

At times it’s constant and unceasing.
Sometimes I think it is increasing.
Chronic is a word that’s fitting
For conditions unremitting.

It’s sometimes harder to explain.
An unrelenting chronic pain.
For each time I tell my tale.
It seems more churlish to bewail.

So I tend to carry on.
As if my chronic pain has gone.
That way no one really knows.
When I’m in pain or when it goes.

So I have this tendency.
To suffer pain more silently.
I’m not heard to moan or grown
And so I suffer on my own.

Chronic pain is not much fun.
For me or you or anyone.
It can make you feel so low.
And often no one else will know.

What sort of message is that sending.
Where this thing is never ending.
Perhaps it should be plain to see.
How this illness bothers me.

It’s definitely not simplicity.
To explain chronicity.
No one really wants to know.
As on their daily way they go.

B. Withers 2012

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hi bill you hit the nail on the head with that one, great poem. ron in mich

great poem Bill as always ambies..
Thanks Ron and Ambies for your comments.This was one of four on 'coping with illness'- obviously a pertinent subject for me to ponder upon and write some rhymes.My target audience is usually those who have provided me with their thoughts and emotions on a particular subject. In this case it was from people with emotional instability. Thus, some of the verses do not seem appropriate for people who suffer with physical disability without necessarily suffering the emotional trauma as well. I will however post the one that touches on the 'acute' rather than the chronic.I hope you like it.Best wishesBill
The poem and attitude are great. Keep up the good thoughts.
Bill I have been thinking of you lately - wondering where you have been - thought you took your toys and didn't want to play anymore LMSO - good to be you back and in fine form - great thought provoking poem as always
Thanks for your comments everyone, they are much appreciated.Tess: No! it certainly wasn't that I did not want to play anymore as I have really enjoyed corresponding with you all in this way and I do miss it when I don't get the time. Sometimes I have a quick look to see what people are saying but cannot find the time to compose replies.(with a very limited amount of time available there has to be a choice of where one's effort is going to be focused.) I had wondered if I should blog to say why I might not get on here so often but the time just slid away and I omitted to do so - sorry for that!Basically I've had a pretty busy time lately with starting a new job; (I was getting too old for the last one)Publishing two new books and I have set myself a mammoth task of trying to write at least one poem per day for the next 18 months in order to document some concepts (long overdue) in this medium before I contemplate retirement. The two recent poems were in fact part of this series and I thought, perchance,they might be suitable for blogging on this site. Most of my poetry is written for an audience made up of people with the unfortunate affliction of being emotionally unstable. I would not presume to blog those poems on here. I feel that the problems we ostomates face appear to have a primarily biological causation rather than a psychological or social one and to publish those types of poems here might imply otherwise and maybe cause offence to some. However, every now and then there will be a subject matter that is both pertinent and dealt with in a more generalised way. In these cases I will blog the verses on this site just to try to keep in touch.Very best wishes to everyoneBill
Bill, thank you so much for all your recent poetry. I can certainly see the reasoning behind the idea that it has such a cathartic affect. For the reader, it feels like you've covered all their own situations so succinctly that we'd otherwise have great difficulty in explaining. So, once again well done and the very best of luck with your mammoth task. Take good care, Colm
Bill I was just joking about the toys I thought that you were engaged else where and that's why we had not seen anything of late - as always good to hear from you my friend. Enjoy the new job whatever it may be. Take care and all the bestTerry
Touching that so many of us feel your words. Thank You
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