The chat room

<br />
Today I went online to chat<br />
I do not know what prompted that.<br />
Perhaps I wanted to explore<br />
as I have tried to chat before.<br />
<br />
But in the past when I logged on<br />
the online people were all gone.<br />
Just one message on the screen<br />
reminding me that I had been.<br />
<br />
I cannot overemphasise<br />
how much it took me by surprise<br />
to find someone already there<br />
full of chat with time to spare.<br />
<br />
I did not quite know what to do<br />
and momentarily withdrew.<br />
But they all took cognisance<br />
of my inexperience.<br />
<br />
At first I knew not where to type<br />
as technophobic archetype.<br />
Eventually I worked it out<br />
and so my chatting came about.<br />
<br />
It felt as if I fitted in<br />
as they were all so welcoming.<br />
And though our chat was short and sweet<br />
It was so good that we could meet.<br />
<br />
Somehow I felt that it was wrong<br />
I could not stay and chat for long.<br />
As much as I would like to stay<br />
I had to get to work today.<br />
<br />
This encounter worked just fine<br />
but next time that I chat online<br />
I&rsquo;ll try to have some time to spare<br />
so that I can stay on there.<br />
<br />
Bill Withers 2012<br><br>


The general chat is just great when chatters come and participate. It's nice to talk and even debate and no one ever says you're late. Fun and games and serious too, share your thoughts we're here for you. Come one, come all, and join together where life can be so much better.

I have found these things to be true. Seems like friends are made here too. Information or just laughter. Join us to seek what you are after. Just remember that when you're here. Everyone will lend an ear. People here are just like you, they were once new here too. They will make you feel very welcome. So sit right down and relax some. Hope this has added a bit of a smile and making you want to join us for a while. I am still kind of new. I would be proud to get to know you!

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Thank you squeaky for the smile, you put upon my face awhile. I will look forward to a chat as soon as I know wher I'm at. The problem is at early morn my loyalties are always torn. I have to get to work on time, so there's not much time to stay online. But nonetheless I can't see why, I shouldn't give it one more try. Perhaps sometime we'll meet up there and find some time to chat and share. Sorry if my chat seemed terse but I am better when in verse. Best wishes Bill
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