My admiration to you all


There’s many things that I admire
but mostly things that can inspire.
When people are put to the test
I like to see them do their best.

I like to see them struggle on
aftermost ofhope has gone.
For they deserve respect and awe
when they do not then withdraw.

I like to witness people fight
with all their strength and all their might.
They don’t let problems get them down
and they rarely fret or frown.

I’ve always had a fascination
and a great appreciation
for those folk who don’t give up
even with an empty cup.

I cannot help have high regard
for people who have lives so hard
that others tend to shy away
and make it clear that they won’t stay.

When things get hard as they can be
for me it creates empathy.
I’ll put myself into their shoes
and fight with them to win or lose.

People have my approbation
coping with exacerbation.
For when things can’t get any worse
that pushes me to write some verse.

So I will give my utmost praise
to those who get through life’s malaise
and come out on the other side
with some dignity and pride.

B. Withers 2013

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Your poem says it all, about all the struggles we go through in life, and how we keep our dignity and pride.

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BRAVO!! .....Life can be very challenging...with or without an ostomy....SO many different situations can sneak up on us and we can be blindsided when we least expect it.......we all 'Fall' .....the important thing is, we need to always get back matter what.)


Well done, Bill. You always come up with the goods. I love it. Thank you for sharing with us. Take care, Ambies.

Thank you everyone for your comments. It is so supportive to know that someone, somewhere, sometime might appreciate one's efforts at expressing such sentiments. Your comments make it much more likely that I will venture to share these things with others rather than keep them to myself. Best wishes Bill
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