I’ve got the right to be depressed

if I do not feel at my best.

Just as I might have felt quite happy

when my life was not so crappy.

You bet I’m sad when things go bad

and ponder yonder life I’ve had.

I can’t help but count the cost

of the life that I’ve now lost.

When thinking of the nitty-gritty

I’m exhausted with self-pity.

I feel that’s justifiable

whilst things aren’t rectifiable.

My mind stays open and plays host

to most unkind and callous ghosts.

When they do their heartless haunting

then I feel ‘all’ life is daunting.

Most of the ghosts contrast my past

which makes me even more downcast.

As I reminisce for hours

depression comes and overpowers.

Harking back to yesterday

doesn’t make it go away.

In fact it acts in the reverse

making depression that much worse.

I know things in my life go wrong

but I must keep on being strong.

So now I think I really ought

to rid myself of bad, sad thought.

I’ve got the right to be depressed

if I do not feel at my best

but maybe if I fake the happy

my life may not feel quite so crappy.

B. Withers 2013


Bill, your poem reminded me very much of Shakespeare's Sonnet #29 (Fortune and Men's Eyes). Both poems address the misery of depression and both poems suggest a possible way out. We may have an array of escape routes but the critical piece is to choose some worthwhile destination, objective, or relationship. Also, as you say, we need to keep on being strong. PB

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Hello Primeboy. Thank you for your comment and particularly for drawing my attention to Shakespear's Sonnet 29 which I have now read (and enjoyed)for the first time. I consider that one of the greatest handicaps in life must be in not having an adequate education during one's early years. However, with people like yourself, who can guide people like me towards some of the more interesting aspects of what was missed out on, I can now enjoy the pertinent bits. It's a little like watching the 'highlights' of activities on T.V. rather than having to sit through all the boring bits! Having had this introduction to Shakespear - I may well read some more of his sonnets to see what I missed out on.Best wishes Bill

Wow Bill, how sad I felt when reading this poem. I too understand how one can feel when life gives us a bad turn. But for me, I have to keep my eyes and heart on what I can do to make my way of life work within the issue at hand. We are such emotional folks that it can be quite hard to let go of some of them that do us no good. Thinking positive and looking for that silver lining seems to help me. Most of all, I have a strong faith in Jesus, so when I remind myself what He has gone through, I can begin again and know this life is only a temporary situation and move forward with Him guiding my way. May He strengthen everyone who seeks Him.

Hello Mrs A. Thankyou for your comments. It is gratifying to know when a verse has touched upon an emotion, (any emotion) and that you can relate to the message. This must be an indication that it has indeed captured an emotion and has portrayed a message conveying that within the words and meaning, which is often what rhyming verse is trying to do. Belief and faith can play a major role in helping people to weather the storms that brew up in life and I am a firm believer in using whatever works for you. Jesus has become a role-model for many millions of people across the world so there can be little doubt that his example has been a useful guidance, comfort and companion to others in their journey's through life and death. I have no problem at all with Jesus, his teachings or his way of life. However, I do have a few issues with the religious organisations that have grown up over the years in his wake and with some of the things that have been said and done in his name. I have tried to capture some of the sentiments surrounding this in a separate verse which I will post on my blog today. PS: I don't normally post this type of verse on this site as it isn't really tied in with ostomy stuff.# best wishes Bill
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Hello Bill, looking forward to reading your next post... I have tissues handy, just in case. No, seriously, I agree with what you said about religious organizations. I enjoy learning from what I read in the Bible itself, not so much what I am told by others. But I do listen to what some others have to say and take it with a grain of salt and a pound of prayer. Seems to me some forget that the Bible is a spiritual book and that the Holy Spirit is the only one who can give understanding.

Hello Mrs A. I enjoyed your reply and appreciate your mode of thinking on the subject of there being a difference between the bible and the church as an organisation. Someone once said that the Church of England was the Conservative party at prayer and I feel this is an apt representation of the relationship between the church and the state. Personally,I could never quite understand how a capitalist state managed to adapt and adopt the Christian religion whose founder seems much closer to communism that he was to capitalism. I must point out that my verses about religious organisations are only a small representation of the many that I have written about other organisations. There appear to be similar characteristics in almost all organisations with hierarchies, much of which reflects underlying themes of power, control and dominance. Or, at least,these are the characteristics I write verses about. Best wishes Bill

Bill, I enjoy your verses so much and wish I had your talent. Emotions are so hard to deal with and 4 years later I am still trying to sort out my life of pain, with nothing to gain.

Hello hometown. Thanks for your comments. I too wish I had more of this talent (which is sometimes elusive) My writing of rhyming verse both for myself and others is all about coming to terms with and managing wayward emotions. As you say these are very hard to deal with at times and on many occasions there is virtually nothing practical that can be done.. This is where versification can be useful ---when there is very little else one can do! Best wishes Bill
Reply to Primeboy

And, may I add, not allow our intellect to rule all of the time .....

It is good to freewheel sometimes - but in a 'kind to self ' way .... for IF we "Allow" ourselves to be open to possibilities, we may well find ourselves upon the Path leading to a different Journey of Joy and Hope .....

Without Hope we are in a poor place.

For some of us it can be not the easiest thing in the world 'to allow' ourselves the opportunity for pure Joy.


And I do not mean "Allow" in a purely 'pemissive' way - but in a more Steadfast but gentle feeling toward both the 'perceived' outside world and Oneself.

Happy Thoughts

and Best Wishes to All who share.

Thank you for posting


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