Don't moan alone


Deep down inside it should be known

it’s never good to moan alone.

We need someone to listen to

all the trauma we’ve been through.

With our instincts we can tell

if someone thinks to listen well.

They try to look us in the eye

and they never, ever sigh.

Everything they say and do

seems to support our point of view.

Their empathy is so precise

it makes us take all their advice.

As we listen to what they say

they help to keep our fears at bay.

They seem to stand right close to us

and give their most without a fuss.

They radiate an ambience

that indicates experience.

There’s few things better than someone

who’s done some things that you have done.

We feel we’ve found someone at last

who has been down in their own past.

It feels the deal if they’ve been there

for then we feel they really care.

Then within our conversation

we release all our frustration.

We get to let the venom out

when someone knows what it’s about.

There is so much that it provides

to have such people by our sides.

It helps when you would like a moan

to know that you are not alone.

B. Withers 2013

Can anyone enlighten me about the unrequested blue highlighted words that are appearing in my text. At first it was the word 'close' in the fourth verse and now it's swapped to 'listen' in the first verse. They seem to be links to advertisements and I cannot get rid of them. Are we being hacked or is this a ruse by the administrators to raise additional finance?Best wishes Bill
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Now it's changed again to 'hacked' in my comment
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I think your verses explain pretty well much of our feelings. Don't stop writing, please.

Hello B,red. Thank you for your comment and encouragement. It's been a bit hectic around our household in the last few weeks as my wife has just retired and there are now alterations to undertake.I hope to blog another verse in the next few days as and when time permits.Best wishes Bill
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