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I met my wife on this web site!

Hello fellow ostomates , My life has change sence I met this wonderful French Canadian lady on thissite in3-17-2013, we were marriedon 12-20-2014 in Phoenix , AZ.

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Congratulations, Dom. Nothing but happiness and good health for you and your bride! PB
Thank you Primeboy !

So wonderful to hear good news. Congratulations and may you both have a long and loving future.
Congratulations!! May you enjoy many years of blissful companionship xoxooo Blessed Be......

My congratulations and best wishes for the future Domingo. I was just thinking today how nice it would be to meet someone and find love again since being widowed 3 years ago. Your post cheered me up and gives me hope.....and I am also a French Canadian lady! Now there's a coincidence...
Wow, I'm so happy for you! I'm just looking to make some friends, and maybe get lucky and meet someone special, you give me hope! Congratulations and many happy healthy years together!
My wife and I want to thank you all , we first met in Skype to get know each other , talk for months getting to know each other , it was a match made in heaven!
That is terrific! Congratulations! Since I am not a full member, I cannot send messages to the eligible and enticing guys whose profiles interest me. I have to wait for them to contact me so I can reply.... Your success has really tempted me to join in all the way.
Nice!!! ️️
Congratulations - what wonderful news.
Congratulations from Canada! Good to hear there is hope and happily ever afters.
Congratulations... Wishing you a very happy life together. :)
Congrats - similar experience - I too, met married an ostomate from this site!! We are so happy ..
God bless us all always ! Nothing is hidden from our Father in Heaven. No matter what we are all going through we are not alone. God promises He will never leave us nor forsake us. No matter what circumstance we are facing His Angels, The Holy Spirit and our Heavenly Father is always with us. I pray for every member and non member of this website. I ask God to touch every heart with His loving kindness. I ask He remove the spirit of doubt and in it's place may The Lord fill us with His Wisdom and His Peace. Take every thought of doubt, illness, un forgiveness and leave it at the cross. Christ died and He rose on the third day. We are in Victory cause He paid the price at the cross. We are redeemed. Thank you Jesus!! Start living a Victorious life in Christ ! For more teaching on this topic watch
So awesome...I'm hoping for the many beautiful people on this site...
Me too digdug i hope to meet my soul mate, with the same condition than me.
Thats wonderful you two found each other. Maybe someday it will happen. Right now I just need friends.
Awww that's so sweet... Congrats. I don't know why this makes me feel so happy. I guess there is hope.
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