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Border control 2


If you report to an airport

or you resort to a seaport.

You’ll come across border control

and that can often take its toll.

I know these people do their best

but it can put us to the test.

We can do without this strain

along with ostomies and pain.

With all the gear that we must take

just so we can take a break.

No wonder we can feel real sore

at what these people have in store.

If they prod and poke and frisk

it is no joke and poses risk.

A stoma is not something to

do what customs people do.

I think their take is to look for

those who try to break the law.

So if you’re not that way intent

there’s nothing for them to prevent.

If you’re a cool, calm ostomate

you’ll probably cooperate.

And if you do the customs might

let you through and treat you right.

But if you’re tired and upset

that might not be what customs get.

May I suggest that you try to

portray to them the best of you.

If customs aren’t content with that

give them the contents with a splat.

Make sure you serve them all the smell

as they’ll deserve all that as well.

B. Withers 2013

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