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I think UC, Crohn’s and IBS

will all link up with tiredness.

Also there’s some affirmation

of this with bowel inflammation.

If you lose blood through your poo

when you sit down upon the loo

then you should take some extra care

and watch for other symptoms there.

If lots of blood runs from your bum

anaemia can sometimes come.

In much research it has transpired

that this can make you very tired.

With such diseases comes much pain

which causes energy to drain.

And if it’s with you constantly

you will tire consequently.

Chronic illness has some renown

for really dragging people down.

So if you don’t feel very well

within fatigue you may well dwell.

When your diet is not quite right

then you might lose your appetite,

and if you go right off your food

it’s likely you will be subdued.

Illness can create the stress

to put you under great distress.

Then there is the loss of sleep

where tiredness is what you reap.

These chronic illnesses aren’t kind,

they stress the body and the mind.

Because they are so difficult

tiredness is one result.

B. Withers 2013

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Bill I have always enjoyed your verses, they make the sometimes scary normal we all now have in common seem less so. I have been trying to come up with a verse to the tune of me and my shadow only substituting stoma. I bet you can, will you please try. Rosiesmom
Hello Rosiesmom.Thanks for you post. I've had a go a the theme of me and my shadow and have posted it as a blog. I am presuming that you would like to perform it as a music hall -type review so I've put some suggestions alongside to help with such a potential performance. Perhaps you could put it on youtube so that we could all have a look!!! Best wishes Bill

enjoy your verses. Yes fatigue certainly go hand in hand in my case with constant cdiff infections monthly for 2 years after losing half my colon and permanent colostomy. I feel for anyone that suffers from extreme fatigue. I have started back up with my local bee pollen granules, am getting B12 shots at the docs office 2 x month for 3 months then once a month to keep the B12 high enough. Walking is another energy booster. Hope you are well. This is my first post here. I also belong to great bunch of blogs for all kinds of conditions. God bless.
Hello unknown. Thanks for your supportive comment on the verses - I always appreciate feedback about them. There was a time throughout most of my life that I suffered from extreme fatigue and tiredness to such an extent that I would almost collapse on the spot or go to sleep whilst walking along or just standing somewhere. Because I had had this condition since I was a child I just took it to be 'normal'. However, after I married, my wife shared her concerns about my stopping breathing at night time for long periods so I went to have some tests and found that I had sleep apnoea. They gave me a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine which resolved the problem from the very first night and gave me a new lease of life. I now reflect on how wonderful such a simple solution can be - - only all problems could be solved in such ways!! Best wishes Bill
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