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Ulcerative colitis was
my main problem and because
it simply would not go away
they thought that it was here to stay.

I’m writing this to help you see
what it’s like to have U.C.
and things they do to put it right
that make me even more uptight.

They would suggest an ostomy
could be the next best thing for me.
It might free me from my pain
and give me back my life again.

I’d think it over and decide
to try to overcome my pride.
To have a bag stuck on my side
might well suck but must be tried.

At last I let them operate
but then I start to flagellate.
I feel depleted and I find
I’ll beat myself within my mind.

I have compunction to self-harm
without a functional alarm.
I cannot then protect myself
and this affects my mental health.

I’ve no idea why this is so
but it’s the way I tend to go.
For when I get uptight and tense
I cannot find the right defence.

But now I’ve had my stoma years
I’ve got over all those fears.
Now I can manage what I hate
and I no longer flagellate.

B. Withers 2013

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Hello Bill, though you use rhymes, you tell the story, and what a great story!! But oh how real, they say this will give you your life back , and yes afterwards you feel beat down and helpless. But
Your beyond that and yet you say all this in your rhymes. This is very good Straight to the point!! Have a pleasant evening angelicamarie
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