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Love & Hate - Mean it?

Love & Hate
We so casually use those words, and I wonder if we really mean what they imply. I think I learned some stuff along the way to becoming an old man, good stuff and bad. I learned that the great majority of folks don’t seem to care a lot about their methods of communication. Phrases like, “You know what I mean,” excuse one’s inability to accurately express what one means. Using the “F” word eliminates the need for a larger vocabulary as it replaces adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and pronouns. Don’t get me wrong; I use it often. I even blogged about the word. But I do try to use it effectively to appropriately communicate. Beginning a sentence with the word “but,” as I just did, is grammatically incorrect, but that violation might enhance communication. I think it’s disrespectful to expect others to “know” what I mean when I don’t effectively tell them. Now I’ll try to get back to where I began. I won’t even attempt to define love. It’s all about feeling; beyond infatuation, beyond pepperoni pizza or malt liquor. We feel it in our entire being yet can’t describe it. It’s probably warm, colorless, odorless, and seems to originate somewhere in the chest. It influences our thought process mostly in a good way. We become more tolerant of people or situations that would typically annoy us. I think we become nicer, kinder, more empathic, and compassionate. Others might even remark that we’re really nice guys or gals. We can’t make ourselves love anyone or anything. It happens, and we just need to be thankful, cherish it, and do whatever we can to hold onto it.
Then there’s hate. Again, I can’t describe it. We use the word often. We might hate the intersection, the condition of the road, the way our hair looks, the jackass at the grocery store, or any number of persons, places, or things we just don’t like. Mostly though, we don’t actually mean it.
I have more to say about these words and maybe some others, but I might need some help. It’s really all about communication, and what and how we say something to another person might get to enjoy our company or hope we just shut up.
Just thinkin’,

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Hi iMacG5, love and hate are powerful words. Love is kind and patient, that's my beliefs anyway. It must be practiced everyday, a smile goes a long way. I don't hate anyone, I might dislike there ways. My mother says if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything. Some days I past the test others days I fail. Thank God for mercy!
Hey Mike, I've been away for awhile, and coming back to see thoughts on love and hate are more appropriate than I will go into out of respect for the original conversation. However, I will say I do believe that love and hate are more deserving of deeper consideration given them by far too many of us. Sad but true, we tend to toss words around (like 'word', man) in a colloquial manner as if their true original meanings are insignificant, and we substitute incorrect grammar where we please because it's just not important enough to keep it straight. The English language is difficult enough with it's words of similar sound (here, hear) but different meanings (whether, weather and past, passed) not to mention words that actually DO have similar meanings (love, like) but are REALLY INTRINSICALLY DIFFERENT and still apparently interchangeable to a great many people. We misuse our language and abuse our language and treat our language as if it is unimportant. Unfortunately in doing so, we often lose the message we were trying to impart. Well, F***, I guess we could all just use sign language. !!! Peace (not piece) Nancy
Hi Nancy. I guess I've been away for awhile. I didn't go anywhere but, you know what I mean, I've been away. Thanks so much for your message. I don't want to send a bad message. I don't want anyone to think we're grammarians and grading their posts but we need to respect the main tool we use to communicate. If it's so difficult to find the correct words, I wonder if enough energy would go into lifting an arm or leg to "sign" our message. With much respect, Mike
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