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The Paterson enquiry has damned the medics this time, whereas, in the past they've covered up and never really looked close-up.

This profession has been the pits for supporting callous twits who clearly have little regard for what goes on in their backyard.

Every time something goes wrong, it surely won't be very long before the medics will close ranks and victims are then met with blanks.

It smacks of a conspiracy lacking in legitimacy, and showing an amoral stance towards what might be happenstance.

Paterson got twenty years for playing on his patients' fears and operating, no matter what conditions patients had not got.

And though this man's a criminal, the punishment was minimal for putting patients to the knife and devastating every life.

But what about those folks around who by inaction could be found to be this man's accomplices and brought before the justices?

What this enquiry has shown is: 'other people COULD have known', 'other people SHOULD have known', and 'other people MUST have known'.

If that's the case, then we should chase accomplices at the interface.

B. Withers 2020

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Hi Bill, I didn't know who this Paterson person was you were talking I Googled him. Wow, what a dick. This kind of gets back to my "value of human life" comment I made a while back (that everyone on here was kind enough not to rip me a new one for). I don't understand why we let people like this continue to exist. What good does it do for society to keep scum like this guy alive so he continues to breath my air and sucks up good people's tax dollars. One bullet (cost 38-75 cents depending on caliber) placed precisely between the eyes and no one would shed a tear. Now the flip side is there's really nothing crueler than keeping a man confined to a 6x8 room for the rest of his life, so in terms of payback maybe that's more fitting.......but it requires infrastructure. POW, in the furnace, and done. Next! Oh, on a little rant there and didn't address the point of your rhyme. Yes, you are right. Seems accountability for all involved never gets properly dealt with. Seems once the main character is dealt with the public quickly moves on to the next spectacular news event. Bullets are cheaper when you buy in quantity. ;O) later, bob
Hello Bob. It seems a bit extreme to kill the man, but the thought had occurred to me that maybe he ought to be operated on in all the numbers and ways that he operated on unsuspecting people who didn't need it. Perhaps student surgeons could be called upon to do these operations 'just for practice! Yes! me point in the poem was to draw attention to all those other medics and administrators who must have known what was going on. Having been a victim of a butcher surgeon, I am obviously biased in my perspective on these matters, and the fact that he will be free in 10 years (when he was sentenced to 20) is something else that wrangles. Best wishes Bill
Hi Bill. Thanks for another of your artistic creations. As usual, it's terrific. I did the same thing as Bob to see who this creep was. I'm not sure about the appropriate payback but I disagree with the one between the eyes. That's too quick. It's just not enough. I wouldn't spare any expence up to 3 dollars, American for four bullets; one for each elbow and knee. Then the 6X8 room and a pen to stick in his mouth to write some rhymes. This approaches New Jersey justice. Thanks guys, Mike
I really struggle with the justice system.why do they say life but can be let out in 25years? To me life means life, and to be honest they get more rights better meals,free TV,free haircut,free gym, showers,heating,bed to sleep in and get paid if they work. Sometimes I wonder if us good abiding citizens are getting punished. Rant over lol ????. Take care
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