DAILY ROUTINE. <br /> <br />Why are we all by routine bound?<br />Why do our lives revolve around<br />mundane habits we display<br />without question every day?<br><br>
What is it predisposes us <br />to act routinely without fuss,<br />and not rebel about the fact <br />we can predict the way we act?<br><br>
What is it that does not trigger<br />a desire to become bigger,<br />or better and more different <br />than passive, meek or diffident?<br><br>
I&rsquo;d like to know the reason why<br />I no longer diversify,<br />but settle for those same routines <br />established in my early teens?<br><br>
It&rsquo;s not that I don&rsquo;t want to change <br />or want my life to rearrange,<br />yet somewhere, somehow, along the way<br />rebelliousness has slipped away. <br /> <br />Those little habits that I&rsquo;ve formed<br />&lsquo;till gradually I have conformed,<br />starting to think I&rsquo;d done enough<br />and so, no longer question stuff.<br><br>
The routine of the early morn, <br />should have been enough to warn<br />of this sneaking consistency<br />and its creeping complacency.<br><br>
This is a sign of growing old <br />or this is what I&rsquo;m often told.<br />But, one day I may disobey<br />daily routine and break away.<br /> <br /> B. Withers 2019<br><br>
Maybe, Bill, we actually got smarter and more efficient. There was a time when our daily lives were based on whatever felt good at that time and there might have been others to pick up the pieces from the messes we made. I'm not sure I could've handled all my present needs when I was in my teens. Hopefully, I'm not just rationalizing.
Thanks for another great rhyme.

Hey Bill,
I must admit I have NEVER been good at routines. Played life a bit footloose and fancy free. The only time routine has ruled my life was in job situations when time dictated certain frames. BTW, I've held way more than my fair share of DIFFERENT careers, which certainly helped to keep routine at bay. I must also admit, however, that I've fallen quite easily into the routine of quarantine, and with things as unhappy and unsettled as they are, I haven't really missed a single thing!!

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Different - fingers typing too quickly for the brain.

Routine can be a good thing, and it shouldn't presuppose boredom, or uselessness, or surrender. In fact, I regard the routine in my life as freeing me up to pursue creativity, exploration, and novelty. By relying upon routine for all those diurnal tasks we all must attend to, sometimes muscle memory takes over and I can write a post (in my head) while I'm ironing, or read a book while I'm monitoring a pet, or have fun with a crossword puzzle while eating dinner. Sticking to routine has its advantages, as one only has so much energy and enthusiasm to devote to a span of hours.
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