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For as long as I remember
frosty days of each December
highlight the fact that winter’s come
and the autumn days are done.

Chill winter’s winds will resonate,
plants and critters hibernate,
the colours of the autumn trees
have vanished with the winter’s breeze.

A gloom develops all around
the desert tomb of winter’s ground.
Where little grows as it gets cold
and things will die because they’re old.

Within these cold and hostile times
birds will migrate to warmer climes
and all those left behind may find
the winter’s weather is unkind.

Where in the bleakness, snow and sleet
there will be much less food to eat
for all those hungry birds and bees
surviving in the winter’s freeze.

Also, for the human being,
winter bills that they are seeing
for the heating that they need
will be very high indeed.

All in all, December brings
so many depressing things,
it is no wonder people will
try to avoid the winter’s chill.

So, late December they create
things that they can celebrate
like Solstice, Christmas and New Year
which helps to bring them some good cheer.

B. Withers 2019

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