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KIND GESTURES 4. (USA)<br><br>
I&rsquo;ve been seeing what people say<br />in and around the USA,<br />and thought I ought to write a rhyme<br />to capture these concepts in time.<br><br>
There seems to be a precedent<br />being set by this new president,<br />aimed at reversing all the hate<br />that has swept their fair land of late.<br><br>
This president has told us all<br />he doesn&rsquo;t want to build a wall,<br />or let more people die in vain<br />because of a new virus strain.<br><br>
He would like to see the Earth <br />stand some chance at a rebirth, <br />if only we can stop the rot<br />of the pollution that we&rsquo;ve got.<br><br>
Joe B. would like people to know,<br />there is a different way to go,<br />away from lies and rhetoric,<br />towards something more democratic.<br><br>
He wants his country to reflect,<br />both human rights and deep respect.<br />Thus, he would like his polity<br />to strive towards equality.<br><br>
It seems to me, that what we see<br />within this land that they call &lsquo;free&rsquo;,<br />is a dawning of enlightenment<br />proposed by this new government.<br><br>
Compassion seems to fill the air,<br />kind gestures appear everywhere,<br />and I, for one, hope this can last,<br />with no returning to the past.<br /> <br /> Be Withers 2021<br><br>

Nice poem, Bill...


One of my favorites, Bill! Hopefully you are voicing the sentiments of the vast majority of us. Well done!

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You are still the champ, Mister Bill. I think (collective) America might have a chance to redeem itself in the eyes of other countries. I am Irish and spent 8 months in the Wild West of Ireland. Ireland and many European countries were very slow off the mark. Ireland has had its fair share of morons running the country, just like Italy (Berlusconi... tried in court as a "pimp" for underage girls... children!!). I am a transplanted Irishman, here many years and a US citizen. This wonderful country offers such magical opportunities for people around the world and I love it as much as if I was born here. I love its possibilities and potential, the beauty of the diversity of its people, and the sheer magic of the national parks. After observing the past four years and especially this past year, I conclude that the current turmoil is like growing pains for this great country. "A boil must be lanced and drained, to get the badness out and allow the body to heal." That is what my lovely intelligent Irish mother would have said. When the British were defeated and run out of Ireland, people thought the healing had begun... but... not quite. The British insisted on keeping part of that poison boil uncleaned, that part was Northern Ireland. When the stubborn last problem was resolved finally and equal civil rights were granted to all people, peace was finally achieved. Since then, no bombs have exploded, no family on either side has lost their children to guns, there are no Republican prisoners of conscience in prison. There is no visible border anymore and people from all factions are smiling and prospering again. It took 800 years for Ireland to go through these growing pains and to be the peaceful nation it is today, it took a civil war to bring everyone to the correct path for the future, a peaceful and prosperous future. No!! Not proposing another US civil war, that card has been played! The point is that America remains an experiment in democracy and is by no means perfect. An unruly child is not kicked out of the house because she won't eat her broccoli. America is still a baby democracy and every bad period is a learning experience for us all. There are so many lessons which can be taken from the last four years and from our COVID turmoil... let's hope that we learn from the mistakes of the past 4 years. One takeaway is that it actually does matter who the President of this great country is... it matters very much!! We must all learn from our mistakes and from our bad experiences.
If a lesson is learned, then some good can be salvaged from the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.
As for the countries of Europe, "people in glass houses should not throw stones." We will survive and come out stronger than ever. Keep the faith, all.

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Hello Eamon.
Thanks for your well-considered comments upon this blog. When I read it , I recalled writing something on the Irish situation a few years back. However it has taken me a while to find the rhyme as it was tucked away in an early book on: 'Evidence'. Those were the days when my rhymes were not stored conveniently on a computer file, so I have had to type it all out again.
I thought you might like it, for even though the political comment is now some years out of date, the sentiments remain pertinent to almost every conflict throughout the world.
Best wishes


They'll tell and write of so much more
than hundreds of years in a long-fought war,
and it'll come as no surprise,
when hist'ry's writ though Irish eyes.

When truth is out they will deplore
all propaganda gone before
and they will lay those English lies,
when hist'ry's writ though Irish eyes.

When all Englishmen withdraw
from Irish land and from their shore.
No doubt not one more person dies,
when hist'ry's writ though Irish eyes.

Be gone the dreaded knock on door,
with deadly shots from cruel small bore.
there's time to heal those mournful sighs
when hist'ry's writ though Irish eyes.

Up will come esprit de corps
when politicians they ignore.
No need, you see, to milit'rize,
when hist'ry's writ though Irish eyes.

Let Irish people's faith restore,
as new truths they will now explore.
No need to over dramatize,
when hist'ry's writ though Irish eyes.

If people came and people saw,
then they would know what to abhor.
These people will no polarise,
when hist'ry's writ though Irish eyes.

B. Withers 1989
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