KIND GESTURES 5 (creating a way)

KIND GESTURES 5. (creating a way)

I wish to tell you, if I may,
of my walk beside a waterway.
This is my walk by winding stream
where I relax and dare to dream.

This walk for me is regular,
because it is spectacular
in scenery and ambience,
as well as in convenience.

It took me years to cut this walk,
aside this stream midst clay and chalk,
following the water course
with pick and shovel, and brute force.

But perseverance won the day,
and finally, I found my way
was not obstructed anymore,
so, now it was, what I foresaw.

Although I thought I’d done enough,
parts of this walk were still quite rough,
and whilst this did not bother me,
less able folk did not agree.

One day, a lady in despair,
told me she wanted to walk there,
but there were stretches she got stuck,
with obstacles like mud and muck.

She was disabled, and therefore,
these were barriers that she saw
were somewhat insurmountable,
for which I felt accountable.

I reassured her that I would
resolve these problems if I could,
and make the path accessible
to all those who are less able.


KIND GESTURES 5. (continued)

From that day on, I set to work,
and every day I did not shirk,
with perseverance and with time
I rectified the grime and slime.

The path was widened to admit
wheelchairs which could access it,
and though it’s still quite rough terrain,
my lady walks here without pain.

This walk is now quite popular
among both weak and muscular,
for it offers everything
a simple river-walk can bring.

It gives peace and tranquillity,
away from all hostility.
Plus, most walkers here will find
a calmness and a peace of mind.

The rippling of the waters sound
like tinkling bells along the ground,
then there’s the glint of sunshine on
those ripples as they roll along.

And hark, the sound of each wee bird,
in chorus like you’ve never heard,
a song we can’t misunderstand,
welcoming us to this land.

I love the hum of bumble bees
whilst flying on a gentle breeze
and landing on their chosen bloom
as if it’s part of their playroom.

And as I ponder yonder things,
I marvel at what nature brings,
and I feel pleased to contribute
to people’s pleasure from this route.

For now, I think I’ve done my bit
so others may just enjoy it.

Be Withers 2021

Hello Mike. I hope you're well.
I thought I ought to write to tell
you that your rhyming comments are
what I might site as an eclat. (brilliant success)

Best wishes
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