KINDNESS: Care & Consideration

<br />We live in a society&nbsp;<br />where people&rsquo;s impropriety&nbsp;<br />can sometimes go beyond what&rsquo;s right&nbsp;<br />even when it&rsquo;s out of sight.&nbsp;<br><br>
If we are to live together&nbsp;<br />we must all consider whether&nbsp;<br />everyone should do their bit&nbsp;<br />and not let some start spoiling it.&nbsp;<br><br>
In contemplating &lsquo;kindness&rsquo; I<br />felt that it was time to try<br />to encapsulate the theme<br />into a reasonable meme.<br><br>
A concept we could understand, <br />and one robust enough to stand<br />the test of time and counterforce<br />that tries to knock this thing off course.<br><br>
To know what &lsquo;kindness&rsquo; is about,<br />we need to tease its meaning out,<br />and then establish that we want<br />from fellow living symbionts <br /> <br />As I looked at &lsquo;Kindness&rsquo;, it<br />seemed to me to nicely fit<br />upon a close examination, <br />with &lsquo;care and consideration&rsquo;.<br><br>
In the UK, there is a law,<br />that might well open up a door<br />to use this concept much, much more<br />than we have ever done before.<br><br>
When people drive without due care<br />of other people being there,<br />the law deems this as criminal<br />and not something that&rsquo;s minimal.<br><br>
At present this law is restricted, <br />so, those who do become convicted<br />are only drivers on the road <br />whose &lsquo;inconsideration&rsquo; showed.<br><br>
But surely, it would not take much,<br />to extend this law a touch,<br />to include those who&rsquo;ve behaved<br />in other ways that are depraved.<br><br>
If &lsquo;driving without due care&rsquo; would be;<br /> &lsquo;behaving without due care&rsquo;, we&rsquo;d see<br />improvements on the social scene<br />and fewer people being mean.<br><br>
We&rsquo;re all in this together so,<br />&lsquo;kindness&rsquo; is the way to go,<br />and those who don&rsquo;t wish to comply<br />should have to have good reasons why.<br><br>
Our laws give guidance as to what<br />should be expected and what&rsquo;s not,<br />and I think &lsquo;kindness&rsquo; is inspiring <br />so, should be something we&rsquo;re requiring.<br><br>
To &lsquo;care&rsquo; and be &lsquo;considerate&rsquo;<br />must surely be commensurate<br />with a modern society <br />that&rsquo;s against impropriety. <br /> <br />So, &lsquo;care and consideration&rsquo;<br />should pass between each generation<br />as a desirable thing,<br />which we expect all folks to bring.<br><br>
If we&rsquo;re to live in harmony,<br />without bullies and tyranny,<br />then we should make laws to reflect <br />the better things that we expect. <br><br>
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Be Withers 2021<br><br>

Wise words, Bill, and nicely put. XX

Love your poem, Bill

Kindness is a choice.

What will happen to our 'Mother Earth' if we neglect "care" and "compassion"?

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Best wishes

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Hello Bill,
That was very nice indeed, as usual. Much thought for all of us. You are so talented, Bill. It's a gift.

Could you even imagine how beautiful this world would be if all people were kind!? Well said.

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