KINDNESS: Care & Consideration


We live in a society 
where people’s impropriety 
can sometimes go beyond what’s right 
even when it’s out of sight. 

If we are to live together 
we must all consider whether 
everyone should do their bit 
and not let some start spoiling it. 

In contemplating ‘kindness’ I
felt that it was time to try
to encapsulate the theme
into a reasonable meme.

A concept we could understand,
and one robust enough to stand
the test of time and counterforce
that tries to knock this thing off course.

To know what ‘kindness’ is about,
we need to tease its meaning out,
and then establish that we want
from fellow living symbionts

As I looked at ‘Kindness’, it
seemed to me to nicely fit
upon a close examination,
with ‘care and consideration’.

In the UK, there is a law,
that might well open up a door
to use this concept much, much more
than we have ever done before.

When people drive without due care
of other people being there,
the law deems this as criminal
and not something that’s minimal.

At present this law is restricted,
so, those who do become convicted
are only drivers on the road
whose ‘inconsideration’ showed.

But surely, it would not take much,
to extend this law a touch,
to include those who’ve behaved
in other ways that are depraved.

If ‘driving without due care’ would be;
‘behaving without due care’, we’d see
improvements on the social scene
and fewer people being mean.

We’re all in this together so,
‘kindness’ is the way to go,
and those who don’t wish to comply
should have to have good reasons why.

Our laws give guidance as to what
should be expected and what’s not,
and I think ‘kindness’ is inspiring
so, should be something we’re requiring.

To ‘care’ and be ‘considerate’
must surely be commensurate
with a modern society
that’s against impropriety.

So, ‘care and consideration’
should pass between each generation
as a desirable thing,
which we expect all folks to bring.

If we’re to live in harmony,
without bullies and tyranny,
then we should make laws to reflect
the better things that we expect.

                                                Be Withers 2021


Wise words, Bill, and nicely put. XX

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Past Member

Love your poem, Bill.

Kindness is a choice.

What will happen to our 'Mother Earth' if we neglect "care" and "compassion"?

If you care?

Press 'LIKE'.

Best wishes,

Past Member

Hello Bill,
That was very nice indeed, as usual. Much thought for all of us. You are so talented, Bill. It's a gift.

Earth Angel

Could you even imagine how beautiful this world would be if all people were kind!? Well said.

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