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Date night

Well it was really date afternoon, went to the movies and saw Respect. It was really good, lots of music with an interesting story. Now just waiting for our dinner reservation.

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Good for you xnine I think all couples need to take time together and not take things for granted.
Glad you enjoyed the movie. I hope your dinner was good. Dates are important to have in your marriage. I am glad you recognize this.
Your wife lets you go out on dates with other gals??? Wow, you guys up there in the Great North are living the dream, aren't ya? Does she flash the porch lights on and off when you get back........or does your date drop you off at the corner? Man, I need to move to Canada!! ;0) bob
Hello Xnine. A great story! My wife and I have 'dates' every day (& night) and never take them for granted. The older we get, the more appreciative we are of the time we've spent together and the 'shortening' time we may have in future. Best wishes
X, you romantic devil! Bob....too funny! Hope everyone is well. Penguins7
Anyone else see that show about Aretha Franklin?
Went to the restaurant at the Italian Club. Nice shrimp and roasted vegetables. Wendy had lemon veal with roasted vegetables.
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