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Some rhymes focus upon, and are relevant to, a specific subject or problem such as stomas etc. However, sometimes a rhyme seems to have relevance to a number of subjects simulataneously.&nbsp; I felt that 'After-Effects' was one such rhyme, in that it could be applied to several different sets of circumstances from medical or other traumas, to the everyday choices involved in our own actions or inactions.&nbsp; Invariably, there are after-effects that we are notoriously inept at predicting.&nbsp;<br><br>
Best wishes<br><br>

It&rsquo;s hard to tell what to expect <br />prior to an after-effect,<br />for it will be, by definition,<br />something of a premonition.<br><br>
We have a trauma and we hope <br />that afterwards we&rsquo;ll simply cope,<br />and very quickly normalise,<br />without the need to compromise.<br><br>
This, of course, is wishful thought,<br />for many things can come and thwart<br />our efforts to get back on track<br />and sabotage a full comeback.<br><br>
Ask anyone who&rsquo;s lived through stuff<br />and often felt they&rsquo;ve had enough. <br />They will say that you can&rsquo;t tell<br />what makes you sick or gets you well.<br><br>
The doctors give us platitudes,<br />and optimistic attitudes,<br />but they don&rsquo;t know what&rsquo;s coming next<br />to make us ill or more perplexed.<br><br>
When trauma hits, of any kind,<br />it may affect body and mind<br />so, who knows what there is in store <br />or if it lasts forevermore.<br><br>
For those who feel they have a choice, <br />they may try to use their voice<br />to state that they are very keen<br />and stay the way they&rsquo;ve always been.<br><br>
But this has after-effects too,<br />and might just knock&nbsp;their lives askew,<br />for no-one knows what lies ahead <br />so, what we do may make us dead.<br><br>
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;B. Withers 2021<br><br>

Excellent... as usual. I didn't see that last verse coming! Awesome.

Thanks Bill!


Bill, that was a very interesting poem. I like it. God bless... Linda

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