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When a trauma’s new to you

and you don’t know what you will do,

it can be hard to just accept 

if it has left you so inept. 

Trauma can diminish skill

and also leave you feeling ill,

so, in these early stages we

need an effective strategy.

When trauma’s at it’s peak we may

wish to find another way

to repress the stress and mess

and simply hope to convalesce.

Sometimes it’s best to pause a bit,

to take stock while we deal with it,

maybe take a slower pace 

and give ourselves some breathing space.

At first we won’t know everything

about what our trauma may bring,

so stepping back and taking stock

might help avoid some of the shock.

When a trauma hits us hard 

there are some things that can safeguard

us from any further harm

and diminish our alarm.   

Time and space has got a place 

to help with all the things we face,

so step aside but do not hide, 

prepare yourself for a rough ride. 

Deal with problems one by one,

live each day until it’s done,

and as time passes you will find

new strengths will grow within your mind. 

                                                            Be Withers 2022

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Thank you Bill, this is beautiful. I'm sure we can all relate to this.

Thank you Bill.
Beautiful poem Bill, thank you! It is also very encouraging.
Really enjoyed the poem and it provided a lot of good advice ????
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