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Hello Everyone how are you doing theses days! 🤗

Hi Everyone and I’m just trying to figure how to get a club of all good people to enjoy being nice and friends and text and then talk and keep in touch to make sure everyone is ok and any questions and us answer any questions that anyone has as we’re all in for life and I have found that I would rather be nice, kind, friendly and all the above and if yeah well you know, if you connect some in a text and you know the rest... 

I hope everyone gets this and we all can reach out and touch every one( hope you get me)!Maybe not literally touch, but the heart   ️ And etc.. fill in the rest.,.can relate 100% we all have our own unique story!  
Enjoy your weekend 

Im alittle weird I guess because I chat and text and then I’m still saying same stuff 

I know it’s hard to get people to text and then go from there and we all been through a lot and then rejection and that hurts, everything but anyway EVERYONE Hope your feeling good and praying for everyone and hope your all ok with what we have to go through! We all have stories and some are worse then others but let’s all join hands and reach out and touch your neighbors as I’m trying to figure out why people don’t say much unless you do it there way’ I’m never being rude in anyway just trying to figure out why ... ️

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Yeah, I've never understood joining a forum and then never participating.
Hi guys, I hear ya. I've been dealing with a lot medically lately- had to start up on chemo indefinitely as my cancer has returned in lungs and abdomen after a six month break of chemo and major lung surgery. I've recently moved as I got divorced and this all happened at once. So, I haven't been on much participating. Please understand it's only because I have so much weight on my shoulders right now. I do look at posts here and there as they do give me comfort and motivation, however some times it's just too much to get involved posting. I miss all you wonderful people, especially my regulars. You bring so much joy and laughter to my life. Please keep doing so, I'm watching. Good health and love to you all!!! Will be in touch soon. I've been spending all my good days on the beach in Rockport, Ma. My happy place!! ????????
EA, you get better soon and don't worry about not being on here much, you have way more going on than most.
So sorry to hear that you are facing an uphill battle again . You seem to really enjoy your life ...keep it up and keep fighting ?????. My Sweetie , Kitty defeated Breast Cancer and enjoyed life regardless of any physical problems . Enjoy the Sunshine ????... ..maybe you could send me some of that Sunshine , desperate for some sunny beach weather ..???????? Magoo?
{heart emoji}{heart emoji}{heart emoji}
Great idea Victoria, I've been feeling lousy for the last couple months so I haven't been as active myself, I've got more surgeries coming up. EA hang in there, you are going through tons, very good to see you pop up for the update. It's gorgeous up in Rockport, I'm 90 minutes south near Plymouth
Thanks guys, I'm feeling the love! You're all amazing! ????
EA I hope you had a nice relaxing time on the beach ??. So sorry to hear about your problems but if anyone can kick ass to those issues then it's you. You are one tough cookie with a beautiful soul. XX
Awww thanks Caz! You're so sweet! I try to be grateful for each day I have. The beach is my happy place, it is sweet serenity. Hope you're well!
I thought you were busy watching your favourites Manchester City trounce the others. Sorry about the new problems, I am sure you will equally trounce them like your team. Get better soon. Best wishes.
EarthAngel, So sorry to hear of your tribulations... You are Amazing greeting each new day at your Happy Place!! Wishing you lots of Sunny days. I Will be Praying for you!!! Sending you Energy & Love!! sunflowers
EarthAngel, So sorry to hear of your tribulations... You are Amazing greeting each new day at your Happy Place! Wishing you lots of Sunny days. I will be Praying for you! Sending you Energy & Love!!
Bowsprit and sunflowers, Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! Yes bowsprit- I have been watching my Manchester City matches! A little footy will get your mind in a happy place! The beach has been my total joy this summer- I just got back from there after spending a beautiful afternoon by the water. Again, thank you- I feel the love! ????
Oh and thank you Alex and Magoo- you guys rock! ????
Good morning everyone ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I hope and pray for all and I'm sorry earth Angel ???? you have a lot going on ????????to and I'm so sorry to here and just want you to know that I'm not saying do anything you don't want to or feel and I understand ( I'm not hear a lot myself) I have my own like we all do ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????And I know I don't come on to often myself and I'm trying to figure out something ????????To do to get things going differently the ones who want to and I wasn't thinking anyway one person here and it's not maybe a good idea or sometimes like myself I get wrapped up in my stuff and feel sad and don't do much or go anywhere and don't even think to come here somedays, sometimes it's because I wasn't treated with respect and or just saying being rude and nasty to me! but I think ???? about that as one I actually talked to on phone and don't usually do that unless I texted alittle to get to know you alittle before talk on phone, I know I'm weird but I don't want problems and drama and wish everyone was nice! One guy, he was so upset and begged me to talk on the phone so I did He said a few things about a woman who died and he has to answer questions and wow what Omy I was listening to him and then said What happen and why they blaming you? Wow it was very disturbing and I didn't know what else to say except omg Well I told him if you didn't do anything just answer questions and I'm very sorry ???? for your loss He acted like nothing was wrong ???? and had the Audacity, nerve, ignorance Omy couldn't believe that he did this and was so ignorant! Well after all that omg after all that I'm thinking and repeating myself because he said Tell me the truth your a cross dresser and transgender and I said, what what did you say( he wasn't sad about what happened)crazy ahhh Then he repeated again, same things transgender and it's ok you can tell me the truth because I'm actually turned on! My friends I'm so upset still after he said that I said blank blank and said I'm not a transgender nothing I'm a good woman and I couldn't believe it! I was just so upset and mad ???? I can't believe how people really can be sometimes and he was not the only one that did something very ignorant and it's why I don't like to talk on the phone until I text enough to know them alittle even, you know what I mean but I'm just scarred enough and been through to much and I only want respect and someone to treat me like a woman a person with 200% respect care or whatever all good and there's no reason to do anything differently but I understand we are all DIFFERENT! But wow that's what makes me feel uncomfortable so after all that said I fear that disrespect and don't want to feel that way ever again and I do have a deeper voice then some but don't call me a liar ( yes he did that to ) I know enough of that and I just want to say Good morning ?? and hope your all doing good, ok etc all at least better than yesterday and I thought maybe we can come as we do, I'm Not here to much but we can text everyone when you want as your doing... just saying my thoughts and opinions and tips and caring and ways to make everyone smile and ????hugs ???????????????????????????????????????? We all need it and we all need alittle something to change our thoughts of our sickness all the time! It's just something I'm trying to do somedays and I hope everyone is feeling good today and staying cool! I hope you have a great summer and take time for yourself and take good care of yourself as I'm sure your all doing just wanted to think of all of us ???????????????????? Also it's ok if your taking care of yourself and not saying much to and I pray for everyone and pray every day! I have my stories and I'm praying ???????? always and again Please know I was only thinking about everyone ???? and people are already doing it! I have a secret that's my name Victoria s secret, well I'm just being silly and hope you all understand enjoy your day and the rest of the summer ????????????time goes so fast ???? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Thank you for everything and for reading my ???? crap LOL jk that's another story haha I play in it every single day! Ok I know going alittle to fart LOL ???? I can't do that and wish I could ???????????????? Have a wonderful day! NewlifeVictoria... love you
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