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Happy 1st Day of Spring!


The radio said it was spring at 5:24 pm here in Ohio. I dressed for spring but should’ve gone with a warmer coat. Balmy 47 degrees. 

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Hey Curlie!

  Yeah, it's been wonderfully warm here until last Spring came in roaring like a lion.  Supposed to get warmer every day this week.....which would be nice.   Happy Spring to everyone!!  


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Curlie is definitely an improvement over crappy 🤣


Happy Equinox to all (in whatever hemisphere you call home)! 🍂 🌼

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Jo, if I made a trip to Australia could I actually hold koalas? I’m talking about them letting me walk around with one as long as I wanted/the koala was comfortable not just a picture op 😆

(I just had to explain to my husband why I was double checking the spelling of koala. He was rolling his eyes at me asking if I was inviting myself to visit someone- I make friends with everyone so it doesn’t phase him when I make new friends or come out of the dentist knowing all about their life)

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Yes that could be arranged, in a town not far from me there are a couple that regularly take a stroll down the main street, always happy to meet and greet!

and this one a couple of weeks ago

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I’m in love with that koala 😍

I was saving my airline miles for our international adoption but that was delayed thanks to “goodbye colon”. I think koala therapy sounds really good right now. 

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How cute!  He walks like a constipated cat.  

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Making fun of the poor koala, he/she can’t help it 😆


Happy Spring! 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

Happy Fall! 🎃🎃🎃🎃


Finally feels like spring today. Still have snow though, but I'm loving the warm temp!

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When the sun is out I feel like it makes everything better



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