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No more glasses after cataract surgery.


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Three cheers!  After cataract surgery was the first time w/o glasses for me since the ninth grade.  I do need reading glasses, tho.  How about you?  


I made the mistake of having one fixed for far sightedness and one for nearsightedness (close up). it worked well with contacts (in my youth) but would NOT recommend it for cataract surgery.  Throws your perception off - okay I can hear you saying her perception is off anyway but I am referring to vision!

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Yes I will. It was grade school for me. I can not cut my nails. I got a magnifying mirror for shaving. I still try to push my glasses up even though I am not wearing them. I will let them heal a little longer then go shopping for some.


The hyperbaric treatments I did fixed my need for cheater readers. Somehow being under pressure like that affects your eyes. I can see perfectly fine now close up and far away, it’s the mid range stuff I can’t see, like reading the bottom of the tv when there’s words on it, the Russian subtitled movie I tried to watch was pointless, I was like wtf? 😬


Congrats, looking good!


Awesome X!  Glad to hear it went well...........enjoy your new found vision!!!



Good for you! 🤓

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Enjoy the visual freedom!


Hi all i got mine done a few years ago and what a difference it makes but now i get the cheater glasses from the dollar store for reading and close up work and have six or seven pairs scattered around the house and in the car.

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