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Just a fun question


How many of us name our ostomy a name of the opposite sex of us?

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Mine is generic...when I woke up briefly after emergency surgery and saw this attachment with a circular area with something red moving around in the middle, all I could think of was an alien in a spacesuit...then I thought of Sigourney Weaver in the movie "Alien" when that thing came ripping out of her...then the pain hit me and I hit the morphine button and drifted mine has always been called Alien and I buy it's outfits every month...and try to live in peace with it. :)


I am pro biological womanhood so I couldn't imagine giving mine a male name since the Stoma was part of my own body. The only male named ‘thing' that ever came out of my body was my son 😜


I have a stoma with no name.


Nope I'm boring lol my stoma has been nameless for over 30 years 


My stoma's name is gender neutral (Stomy or Spuey) but I do refer to him as a he 🤔 

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Don't you think it's time it had a name? 😉

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Ever wonder why? I remember crying when I first saw pictures/videos of different types of stomas b/c I thought it would look like a penis coming out of my abdomen 😬 and by crying I mean really dramatic, not willing to listen to anyone… there was literally one thought I had for a while about it. 


When someone talked about the alien this is the first thing that came to mind

Spaceballs dancing Alien


No name.  I try to forget it's there.


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Some days mine acts like that!

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Love it 🤣🤣🤣 sometimes it's how I feel right after I eat..Like there's that little 👽  about to pop me open with a surprise....Hmmm maybe that's why my midline scar is so huge 🤔AND it does make strange noises 😳 🤣

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Oh wow Jodi.....Well after I got over the shock of what felt like my guts just hanging outta me and I could look at it.It reminded me of a small Rose Bud 🌹 about to bloom so thats how she got her name.  Even though at times it acts like Mount Vesuvius 😳 After 2.5 yrs the size is the same but the shape is a little different BUT now the world knows my little secret of why its named what it is 🤣

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Hi all i did,nt name my butt hole when i had one so my front butt does,nt get one also.


Although I know it's me making the farting noise, or pooping when I'm changing my bag, it's cool to blame it on "Lily".


My stoma's name is Louise...I have no idea why, but, I remember when I was changing my appliance and my stoma just started spurting everywhere, and I remember shouting out "Oh Louise, really?" lol

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My dramatic moments can be very funny after the fact. Just a pain in the midst 🤣. Your name sounds so sweet and makes me want to say awww. Mine was named after a diva bc that's she was 😆

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Mine is Tina (Tummy Bum) or just plain Half a Tomato.    John


Well, sorry folk, but I just don't get the name thing,.. especially one of endearment although I have on occasion talked to it, or to be more precise yelled at the frigging thing while in the process of changing and the sweet little bastard chose to shit on my foot. My 'little friend' as some people may call it, is a sneaky sod and catches me out after I've waited ages for it to complete the evacuation process, then just when I finish cleaning up, it shows me just what a smart arsehole it really is. You will no doubt have heard of the proverbial 'sharp shooters' of the old wild west, well look no further for todays replacement because my surgeon fitted it next to my belly button, this baby has the power to shoot over a f**king yard into my wife's bath water and machine gun the back of the bathroom wall while I look the other way to pick up a fresh clean pouch. I think If I fixed a weather balloon to this red tyre pump and released it tonight it would be flying over China by tomorrow lunch and the shite it pumped in at the same time would be enough to stop traffic for a week when the balloon bursts. I have to admit though that life is now less mundane and I try to be more alert for the unexpected such as a sudden whiff of that show stopping fragrance we all know and love  heralding the presence of a malfunction, undoubtably belonging to that red blob some members develop a personal relationship with. I can't find any fault with any of that but not for me just yet. Love to all and isn't this just the best site, you folk are so important...don't ever stop!!


After I got Tina Tummy Bum I was going through Chemo. I was chairing a criminal court, when just as a demure lady was giving evidence, there was a sound like explosive thunder from my belly. Instantly my pouch blew up like a balloon and was blasted off my belly along with a ton of the very smelly brown stuff. Breaking all court protocol I bolted out, giving no explanation, and had to make a very speedy trip home with the contents of my bowel accompanying me all the way. Thankfully, one of my Wingers was a Doctor who knew instantly what had happened and made my peace with the irate Barrasters. I still had to face the sneering, grinning Defendant and his supporters on my return. Oh, Guilty by the way. . John



Initally I wasn't convinced by the whole naming thing as it is still part of me, however, taking advice I jokingly asked my children and husband to choose a name and I would decide after the surgery. A friend then suggested a male name as it would be an inside joke when I am out in public.

I named my stoma, Stanley. It was one of my departed mums favourite names and none of her children named their children it. Plus it makes me smile when I have to excuse myself to sort Stanley out or I can blame the interesting noises that he makes mid conversation as him joining in! The best bit is being able to blame Stanley when he 'shows off'  ie whilst in the middle of bag change...... Some might say immature or gross but it has helped me deal with having a stoma and make it easier for my children. They ask how Stanley has been today, it has only been a few weeks since my surgery and they know I am recovering and getting used to it..... So it works for me and us as a family. X

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