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It would be cool to have the option for a large intestine/colon transplant. Imagine you could just reconnect everything taken away?

I hear its possible but you don't live long. Didn't do much research but cool to think about the possibilities.

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Maybe someday? I wonder if it fails because it works separately from the central nervous system?

One of my hospital roommates had some sort of transplant... to be on the floor it had to be something bowel related. Her transplant Drs came in early every morning followed by 6 or so residents. She wouldn't listen and the head transplant Dr stormed out one day. She was driving everyone crazy. She was the reason I messaged my surgeon in the middle of the night begging her to let me go home early

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During one of my hospital stays back when I was probably only about 45, I had a lovely roommate who I believe had multiple sclerosis. She had to be in the hospital for two weeks of steroid IVs if I'm not mistaken. The beds that we both had were really old and unbelievably uncomfortable. I; being assertive and who I am, called the chairman of the hospital and told him how pathetic these beds were and that we really needed new beds. Lo and behold within a couple hours we were being delivered two lovely new beds. I am a firm believer in advocating for yourself and your roommate if needed. "

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I see that cheeseburger Guess what I had tonight? I actually loved the hospital bed lol. The mattress has these sensors in it so every time I moved even a little it would adjust its pressure. Good for you looking out for you and your roomie, I bet she appreciated it

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I think you could spot a cheeseburger at 500 yards ....

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Don't live long after it! How long do they say?

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Lots of different numbers flying around but it seems like about 50 of the patients make it past 5 years. 80 make it past one.

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Danno, I've often wondered about this and if I would want to try it if it were possible. If it cuts your life that short, I'd say no now.

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Lori, I had told the Drs at Cleveland Clinic they could use anything from me for research/teaching- so I didn't get to keep the picture of my colon. I want to see if my surgeon still has it at my next follow up But I did tell them with being a mom with young children I wasn't willing to be a Guinea pig unless that was the only option. And it wasn't since I can live without a colon. You know how it is, life is different now and there's ups and downs. I'm still fairly new to it all but I'm about to take my daughter to the mall to shop for my niece's bday. That's something I couldn't do at this time last year. It'll be interesting to see what happens in medical research over the next couple decades.

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What Medical Teams are doing bowel implants then?

And How long has the research been going on - and where?



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