Ostomy Memories of a Rabbit


PERIPHERAL VISION IS A WONDERFUL THING, otherwise I would never have noticed the wild rabbit sitting next to the bush as I walked past.  He darted away, of course, but he reminded me of when I was a kid and would watch magicians on TV.  The magician would somehow pull a rabbit out of a hat, and the audience would go “woooohhh.”  We’re talking early Fifties here, when magicians were more of a thing than they are these days, and audiences were more impressed by his kind of schtick.  But pulling the rabbit from the hat had an outsized impact on me then.  I felt as if I was empathizing with the rabbit because that’s what my life was like, as if I’d been pulled from a hat and faced a strange and frightening crowd.  Like the rabbit, I had no idea who was in control but, eventually, unlike the rabbit, I knew that it was a trick.  I just didn’t know how the trick was performed, or who was yanking me out of the hat, or even what size the hat was.  But I realized as I aged and my sense of self matured that, although it all was a trick, I could appreciate and find some enjoyment in the absurdity of it all.  So as the rabbit that I saw on my walk scooted away, I didn’t worry about him.  At least he’d escaped from the magician.  


Pulling a rabbit out of a hat requires a special talent to deceive. Magicians are not the only ones who possess it. Where I am I see it with my very own eyes performed several times in a single day. " How does your symptoms seem to seguashuate? says Brer Rabbit. Brer Fox, he wink his eye slow, and lay low, and the Tar-Baby, she ain't saying nothing."

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I was thinking of a different rabbit. &zwj

Reply to AlexT

That Rabbit goes Inyo the " Hat" Alex


Correction... " Into the Hat "

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