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So I was sitting with my youngest niece, she is 7, and we were coloring. Well, Briella (my stoma) started making noises, you know, passing gas and gurgling. She knows fully well what my stoma is and has seen it. Anywho, she was giggling because of the noise but made herself try and stop because she didn't want to offend me by laughing. But every time the noise came, a giggle then straight face. I said, "You can laugh, it is pretty funny, but come on y'all, a 7-year-old trying her hardest not to laugh because she didn't know if my feelings were to get hurt. What a sweetie."


Adorable! (And it is hard to not laugh when our stomas do their thing!)

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Lol, isn't it? I crack up every time.

Mysterious Mose

I sure miss my children being children. :-)


I just had my grandson here for a week, 4 years old. They live in the city, so a week walking around the farm, dogs running free, feeding the ducks, going to the beach on stormy winter days. He did not want to go home. Children are like sunshine on a rainy day.

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Awww, I am glad you got to spend some good time with your grandson. Bet he can't wait to come back. They really are... and they say the funniest things.

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Aww... Do you have any grandchildren?

Rose Bud 🌹

I think it's sweet that she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. I could see her sticking up to the bullies for other kids. And I'd tell her even adults laugh at farts...especially when my lil RoseBud sounds like a duck or a whoopie cushion at times. Heck, I even have to laugh when it happens. What can I say, ostomates are more talented when we fart....funnier noises and we don't stink so we can blame it on someone else.

Dogen's bag

Your niece sounds adorable and very compassionate for a little one. :-)

Upon overhearing that I had an "appliance", my 7-year-old niece asked my 16-year-old son what that was... He took it upon himself to tell her they replaced most of me with machine parts and that now I was a cyborg and that she should call me "Uncle C".

She now calls me Uncle C or Mr. Machine. I love my son.

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Lol, right. I told her, "You can laugh, I do all the time. It's funny." She is my youngest niece, little sweetie. I wanted all my nieces and nephews to know and understand what is going on and what a stoma is, so they know one, what's going on, and two, they can be mindful of others whether they have a stoma or other medical condition or disability. They have seen it without the bag on, and my nephew always asks questions; he wants to know.

Beth you are a warrior. I just got a temp colostomy Nov 14, 2023. I will have it for 3 months. Having issues with pain.

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Hi Alan,

Thank you that is very nice of you say. How are you doing with ostomy life so far? What kind of pain are you having?

Beth its definitely an adjustment. I am not comfortable with it. I don't like the stoma location. A bit to low for me. I would like it higher in my shirt. Hopefully I can get a reversal in 3 months but if not I will definitely change the stoma location to move it up higher. My rectum and anus had issues and fissures and pain because of pelvic floor dysfunction. So trying a temp colostomy may fix it. All the other things I tried failed, Physical Therapy, Botox, Stretching, Diet, etc. WIll see going forward. To say the least its all consuming. I have pain at the stoma site. Been like that since the surgery 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. One day at a time.

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Hey there,

That is actually why I have my Ileostomy.. I have severe pelvic floor dysfunction. The pain around you stoma should subside shortly it's still fresh. And you will get used to your stoma and the spot it  will take a little bit but you got this .Best advice don't relocate your stoma unless necessary.. one they typically won't unless your having issues with your stoma and or the location site functioning right.I have HAD to have mine relocated 4 times. It weakens your abdominal wall and higher chances for a hernia. 

And yes one day at a time 😁
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Hi Beth. Yeah my Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is not severe. So I am leaning toward a reversal. If not reversal I will definitely move location. I hate the location. Its to low. I want it higher up. My surgeon said relocating is not a problem. But I am aiming for a reversal.

Mysterious Mose
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Your surgeon may say it is not a problem to do the procedure, but Beth is right. It will weaken your abdominal wall more and make you even more susceptible to hernias. When you say your stoma is too low, what do you mean? I think that for most of us, it is right around a line with the navel.


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Trust me when I say if you don't have to move it unless it's absolutely necessary.  I have had to have mine move 4 times I have been high low and in the middle of both sides of my abdomen. Not only that you don't know how your stoma is going to be in a different abdominal muscle in your stomach. You could retract, you could prolapse, high up you go also puts more tension on you intestines which can cause them to pull back. Also have to watch for uneven spot on your abdomen when you sit, lay bend over, lift your leg, do you have creases or rolls that are going to cause issues with your bag. There's a lot that goes into having it moved and a lot to watch out for a consider. 

I am Just trying to help you out wouldn't want you to end up regretting it if it doesn't come out they way you think it will. And or get a hernia and have to deal with that ,or scar tissue.

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