A RHYME - 2019

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I'm not sure if I posted this before so please forgive me if I did.

Hey folks,

I think it’s terrific you took the time
To express your thoughts in this little rhyme.
You certainly got some affirmation
From Bill’s written appreciation.

Lots of folks who contribute here
Are experts in various arenas.
Some are just learning but
Are way more than laughing hyenas.

We tend to be respectful 
And usually we’re careful
To offer our thoughts
From things we were taught
With hope it will be helpful.

I don’t know the rules regarding this method
And I don’t even know where I’m headed.
But one of the most precious things in life
Is sharing with others in the absence of rife.

Whether four lines or five
So long as we’re alive
We can share our experiences
Like talking over our fences
With folks who care and will even admit
Like us they’re not perfect
But refuse to quit.

Because when it’s all said and done
Each of us is the one
To whom we must report.
And if we’re not polite and caring
A label we’ll be wearing
Suggesting we just fell short.

This is way more difficult than I thought
And I deserve all the anxiety it brought.
So I’ll go back to hoping my writing
Though way less exciting
Might be welcomed by you guys
And hopefully useful.

Oh crap! that didn’t rhyme.


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Wonderful Mike, and always nice to hear from you!


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Great job Mike.


Hello Mike.

I don't think you posted this one before, as I feel sure I would have remembered it.
As someone who has mostly found the skill of writing rhyming verse much harder than at first I thought it was going to be, I appreciate your efforts in writing and submitting this one.

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes



Very nice. It doesn't just rhyme, it rings a bell as well. Appreciation from Bill, a feather in your cap.


Such kind words from you folks.  Sincere thanks,


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