Does anyone suffer from ileus

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Does anyone suffer from ileus

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I had a bad you have one right now?

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I have all the time! ;Lots of ER visits due to severe pain. I've had lots surgeries and complications. The pump me full pain meds, bowl rest then home after couple days. Oral pain meds make me deathly ill.

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Do you have a GI Dr?


Do you currently have an Ostomy? I had ileus prior to my Ostomy and it was horrible!! I could barely eat and lost lots of weight. The hospital I Was going to was doing nothing!!!! The ER visits I'd always show backed up and ileus but they kept telling me to get to GI doc but I already had one who said she wasn't doing any anything ;further but more laxatives and reglan . Oh and I won't forget being sent to a psychologist for ileus!!!! I went on like that for 4 years until I finally went to Cleveland clinic. They gave ;me an Ostomy and no issues.
I did get a bigger ileus after one of my surgeries that kept me in the hospital for 30 days with an NG tube.


Hi all i use to have blockages until 5yrs. ago i had resection surgery and old stoma removed and a portion of my small intestine due to crohns causing scarring leading to blockages, my stoma went from like a soda straw to a garden hose and now i can eat a hardy meal and not just soups or yogurts like before surgery.

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