Irritation around stoma


What can I use to heal irritation around stoma. Had an ileostomy this past February.


Hello Morrison

    Every time I change my system I use stoma powder and barrier wipes.  If I have a skin irritation that will heal it.

Good luck 

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Yes.  Crusting technique.  Sprinkle on stoma powder.  Gently brush off excess.  Use a barrier wipe to dab stoma powder till its slightly wet.  Let dry.  Repeat.


Do you use barrier rings? These did wonders for my skin irritation. I decided not to use them because I thought it was causing leaks because my stoma was down so low and almost retracted but since I had it revised I decided to give them another go. Like I said it really helped. Sorry to blab on so much if you already do use them… 

Mysterious Mose

What Beachboy said. Crusting technique can really help. Just make sure to dab the powder after application. Dry powder can loosen the seal.


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Rose Bud 🌹

Make sure your cleaning with mild soap and water and complete dry off area once the irration goes away with powered IF it's an open area of irritated skin..(at least my WC nurse told me if it doesn't stick you dont have to use it is just irrated and not ripped skin) Then wash dry and I use 3M Cavalon Barrier spray..let it dry and then put on your ring..It's helped me alot!!!


Getting as close to stoma as possible helps me to prevent this - whenever I miss the mark my skin becomes irritated- then I  place a light layer of Vicks vapoRub on irritated area topped off with stoma powder and skin Barrier wipe on top of all - it immediately alleviates soreness and heals pretty quickly 


Thanks Rose Bud!  

I didn't know about 3M Cavalon barrier products.  I just bought spray and swabs on Amazon to try it out.


G-Day Morrison,  I swear by Salts Seals with a Coller. They direct the poo forward and I never get any irritation since using them. You have to order the right size and it just slips over the Stoma. See image. I also use Adapt Paste round the inside edge of the seal before putting it on.  Regards IGGIE


Stoma powder is my go to.

Contact your local ET nurse and have them look at your issue.  They can suggest cures and have free samples

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I’ve never heard of the collar. Where do you get these? What are they called? Thx 😊 

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G-Day Daisy, The seals with a coller are made by "Salts Stoma Collar"  you have to get the right size. My stoma is 29m/m Diameter and I order part Number  RC29.  29m/m is about 1inch & 3/16th of an inch. It just slides over the Stoma and directs the poo forward. It's like a normal Seal but with a collar. Look at the photo above. Regards IGGIE

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Doesn’t the Vicks irritate the skin? Menthol sounds ouchy?!

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Quite the opposite - when I apply it I feel immediate relief of soreness.  Amazingly before I thought of Vicks (mom used to say it is very healing) I used only stoma powder and it would sting the raw skin - now Vicks first, stoma powder on top and dab with barrier wipe.  I only do this if I managed a poor fit on change day and left a bit of sensitive skin exposed to stoma shizzz - jb

PS. I am fond of the saying “less is more” and the least amount of paraphernalia the better !  I have tried a couple of dealer ad-ons - like a bag with a spout around the bottom - thumbs down….as my ole’ pal Jimmy Buffet’s lyrics suggests 🎶🎼🎶keep it simple stupid” 

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That's what I use and its fine, you'll never totally get away from skin irritation, the best way is to change your bag as soon as you get the itch. With an ileostomy it's to be expected as the digestive enzymes that breakdown the food in the gut are still active when they get onto your skin so carry on doing for a while what they are meant to do

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Thanks for the comment on the Vicks. I thought it would sting also. I’ve been fighting a raw section for a while and a lot of redness and soreness. I’m going to get some of that tomorrow.

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