Hey I’m a new member just trying to find friends I guess


Hey if you’re interested in talking to me I’m a cool person… I’m new to the site.. looking for friends 

Rose Bud 🌹

Any advice I can give I'm more than happy to help.. I have a ileostomy..which will act different than an colostomy. It's too bad they got rid of the chat room. But any questions you have you can post ..nothing is too personal...Even if you think it is ! Ex. is my poop suppost to be this color or what do you about rashes or leaks or smells..ext...Most will respond back with there experience and advice.

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Hello Richye,

Happy Thanksgiving. 

As Rose Bud said:  Any question or topic is OK.  People from all over the world are here who have, or had, an Ostomy.  

I've learned so much from the experience of others.  Really helped me to cope with having a permanent colostomy.  Doctors/nurses can help with the physical part of living with an ostomy.  But not the mental and personal stuff.  

Take Care

Mysterious Mose

Welcome to the site, Richye! I hope you find it as worthwhile as so many have before you, me included. This is a great place to talk to people that can actually understand what you are facing.


Morning glory

Hi Richye and welcome  to the site. Feel free to reach out with any concerns or just to engage. We are all pretty cool people.

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Welcome. Engage in conversations and ask questions, best way to chat with others. 


Welcome Richye! I'm pretty new myself but already feel at home!

these people are a bunch of funny ones and oh-so-supportive!

they won't mind answering the same questions over and over again...I guess they understand we're new to what they consider beginner's quests! :D



Welcome to the site! We're all pretty cool here...just reach out and send us a message, everyone is always super helpful and kind!


Richye, I think you're cool just because you say you're cool!! Welcome!


Welcome to the world of beautiful friendship from around the world. We are a great bunch and nothing is off limits. Xx


The world needs cool people. Welcome to the site Richye! 


Help any way i can


Hello Richye,

I am a newbie too. Nice to meet you. I am very grateful to have found this site. Wonderful people who are so giving with advice and support. 


Past Member

Hiya I'm new too and looking for some friendly faces. Seems like a nice bunch of people here so far!



Morning glory
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Welcome  to the site Fred. Post anything here on site and you will find friends and support. 

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