Gross turbulence


Flying home after a cruise to New Zealand/Australia, lunch was served.  After lunch, I was looking around the cabin, munching some M&Ms.  And what did I see across the aisle.... an older gentleman, had taken his dentures out, and was busily picking food debris out of the faux teeth.  I was amazed.  I nudged my wife and pointed out the drama across the aisle.  She mumbled "goodness gracious"  and decided looking out the window provided a better view.  I said to her "is that it?  We get so old, we don't give a damn anymore?"  She withheld comment on my astute observation.  I just started chuckling, then couldn't help laughing a bit.  The wife kept giving me "death looks"  imploring me to "cool it."  Now, everytime I have lunch on a plane, I laugh thinking about it, and get an elbow from an unamused spouse.

As a bonus,  we had an amazing cruise.


How gross..!

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It is I  don't  think it is age  related, just plain ignorant. 

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