why do i feel pressure like i have to go to bathroom as usual, but have a ostomy


What type of ostomy do you have? Do you have any colon left?

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Hi Jallan1,

How long have you had an Ostomy?  You will have mucus discharge from your rectum from time to time (unless you have a Barbie butt).  This is normal.  You might has some gas too until the bacteria in your rectal stump die off.

I sometimes feel the "rectal urge" when my stoma is pushing output into my bag, but nothing exits the rectum.  Our bodies are still adjusting to the Ostomy.  Healing takes time.  Was 6 months post op till I felt somewhat normal again.


There could be 2 reasons.  Like Crappycolondiaries was thinking if you have a rectum you will have continued periodic discharge and will will occasionally pass something.  If you do not have a rectum then it is a phantom rectal syndrome assuming no radiation or maligancy.    


Phantom syndrome it is for me too!

I literally don't have a bladder anymore, but sometimes I feel the need to go pee ahahahha

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Mysterious Mose

This is probably normal mucous discharge and urgency will lessen with time and go away. Read the below:



I'm only few with my stoma meucas I have been told is normal will settle I get massive urges to want to sit on toilet and poo even though I know nothing coming from that aera anymore I've been told normal it's like if you loose a limb people who have will tell you they still feel it there 

Mysterious Mose
Reply to Mark1

It will lessen. For the first 3 months or so, I had urges and even a couple of accidents to where I wore adult diapers when I slept. That went away after the first 3 months. I still get minor urges, but the mucous output has lessened to where I only pass some ever 2-3 days or more. However, there is a minor seepage to where I often have to wipe it clean when I empty my bag. I have an ileostomy, so emptying is a very frequent activity. :-)



I also have mucous discharge from time to time. Feels like I need to have a full BM but just little blobs come out. Some days it’s often and then sometimes a week will go by without the urge. My doctor joked- now you know I reconnected you properly! 

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