Gratitude to 'Gratitude'.



Today, I received an ‘alert’,
which wasn’t long and was quite curt,
to say that someone ‘liked’ my rhyme
even after all this time. 

The rhyme that I’m referring to
is ‘Gratitude’ from me to you
and while it captured what I meant 
it’s not the best rhyme that I’ve sent.

So, I must try to reason why
the ratings for this rhyme’s so high,
and while I’m grateful to you lot
it’s not the only rhyme I’ve got.

I took a quick look at the stats’
and cannot see that my formats
would warrant such a great reaction,
which brought me much satisfaction.

Just as a recap, I will list
the stats, so that you get the gist
of what I am referring to
within my gratitude to you.

This post is one that took us ages
and ran to four hundred and three pages
with 23,643 views
and 5116 posts with news.

For me, it was a real surprise 
to see 235 replies,
and one of these has made me think
I never wrote a rhyme on ‘DINK’

So I have tried to rectify
and write a rhyme to clarify
what this ‘DINK’ word means to me
in terms of future poetry.


Apart from ‘DINK’, I wish to say
how grateful, I have been today
to see how much this rhyme’s been seen
and how acceptable it’s been.

The rhyme was just a minor part
that seemed to be a useful start
of discussions, long and short
with our ostomate cohorts.

It was a privilege for me
to write, alongside poetry
on lots of different subjects where
the emphasis was on our care.

I loved the literary discourse,
which never would have been, of course
without the input from you all
for without you, this post would stall.

The range of subjects we discussed
gave this thread a robust thrust,
which kept it live for longer than
some other posts I’ve written can.

It’s satisfying for me to
express my gratitude to you 
and my appreciation for
all you’ve said now and before.

But I am also grateful to
‘Gratitude’ rhyme that’s still on view
so there for everyone to see
and tick the ‘like’ icon, maybe.  

Although I ramble on a bit
I hope you don’t get bored with it,
but I will stop now and retire
to join my wife beside the fire.

                                                B.Withers 2023

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