Red tape & bureaucracy



In my past work, bureaucracy
was a P in the A for me 
for paper and pretentious stuff
made me feel I’d had enough.

It’s hard to help the vulnerable, 
the needy, and the miserable,
when all the time their paperwork
makes it look as if you shirk.

Bureaucracies will seem to need
paperwork on which to feed
and if they don’t get their supply
I think that they would starve and die.
Forms for them are like the drugs
sold on the streets by other thugs,
who like to think they have controls
over our bodies, minds, and souls.

Forms seem to be addictive, so
that’s the only way they know,
and they’re reluctant to admit
most of their forms are just bullshit.

I often think, there’s little thought
for those poor souls who might get caught

within these systems, thriving on
what, in effect, is one big con. 

Their forms are there to justify
and create some reasons why
they need a great big hierarchy
to support this fake malarkey.

Some rhymes I’ve written in the past
have sentiments that seem to last
so, below, is one I’ll share
to show I know these folks don’t care.

                                                B.Withers 2023

Red tape & bureaucracy (continued)
           IN GREAT FORM.

Within this great bureaucracy
amongst so much hypocrisy,
forms are forms of currency
created by slavocracy.

I’ve filled in forms 1,2 and 3
and thought that was enough for me.
I did not know of A to C
for each and every form we see.

Along come those with greater wisdom
with aims to simplify the system,
saying “Now we have a good momentum 
four by four should be a minimum”.

These ones so sad and yet sadistic
make it all sound so simplistic,
convincing us they are heuristic
instead of sado-masochistic.

                                 B. Withers 1989
                           (In: ‘Catharsis’ 1992)



Hopefully, AI may help to simplify and actually - eventually - cut the superflous, as more transparency will eventually emerge.


As AI advances - even the deep fake stuff that is generated will be negated by the practice of the newer AI modalities to site their source reference.


Less burocracity and more application where ACTION makes the difference.


Even within the Voluntry sector, and the applicaion for Grant Funding, may in the future become a more efficient and transparent process.

Forms and Protocols can be AI assimilated - saving so much time!

The release of valuable time to Do and relaease from extensive 'admin' sapping activities will, I believe, make for progfess [albeit there will be teething problems too .... but, EVENTUALLY beaurocrocy will reduce to non existance - so long as efficiency is accurately defined!


AI is also opening up the platforms for those with good skills and intelligent aims to be able to 'use' AI in generating what is needed to progress and more and more practical outcomes, I believe, will eventually be speeded and become the norm.


Superflous paper shuffling - even in electronic form will end its days .... but like most things, evolution is slow ....


just perhaps AI may lesson in volume and a resultant 'wisdom' will overcome outmoded and parasitic burocratic interuption of progress.


We can but wish for positivity in all areas ...

Lets just 'Cast that intention'


Best Wishes


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Reply to Jayne

Hello Jayne.
It is so refreshing and pleasing to see that there are still some people, such as you, who have a positive outlook for the future.
I am not so optimistic, because human history has indicated that humans have leaned very little in terms of controlling those who have the power and influence to change things for the better.
By the time small changes are made to bureaucratic systems, I envisage that human-made catastrophes of one sort or another will have  destroyed this , and many other species, if not the whole planet.
Selfishly, but fortunately, I don't think I will be around to witness the culmination of this self-destructive drive to extinction. However, it is enough to be seeing how well it is developing up to now. 
Best wishes


Reply to Bill


Bless you biggly!


I smile and raise an eyebrow - in the best possible way I know how ....

for I would send only good wishes .... [I used to think that if I had not something good to say, then I would be best saying nought [although have often thought plenty]!


And, unlike the careful process of factoring good rhyme for folk to ponder,  at depth, over an extended time, I am guilty of speaking before my intellect has processed the ramifications of the response .... but, am working on that.  I have learned, too, [and am still learning]  to be able to apologise - sincerely - in my 'old' age!  [Although of course  I don't "DO" Old Age].  Patience is not my greatest attribute!


A lot of what you are expressing has its place - and in fact, sadly, I know there are elements which - because of the darker side of human nature -  will indeed, play their part.

But you known, there is one 'given' in all this - and its 'Change'.


Whether we want change or not - it just keeps on , keeping on!

And we all need to make room for change or become increasingly isolated ... [been there on occassions]


Change for the better and change for the worse .... and, just perhaps, over time, if a broad enough perspective AND timeline is taken into account, Just MAYBE we Humans - with the help of AI modalities and a great deal of dedication , just maybe in generations to come,  will witness the geoforming of new habitats and - come what may, PERHAPS we are living through an age where the 'processing of data' becomes its own 'monitor'.


Hope burns that we may just learn in time to Grow and handle ourselves with responsibility AND have fun and LEARN .... I just hope that we learn BEFORE, the modern principal of management, where the concept and actions are 'just in time'.


I do carry hope - most of the time - that all our Hope is well placed and we have the strength to always 'light the light'  no matter how often it flickers and falters..


Yeah, over time the pendalum will swing to both 'excesses' but upon balance - the yin and the yan have a balancing effect, IMHO, so although I am positive, I am sometimes equality 'guilty' of pragmatism; and there have been times when one comes very close to loosing one's way.


The one saving grace, I like to believe, is, that on balance most folk are reasonable,  and generally, reasoning too .... so Cheer up Bill ..... Humanity may just manage to retain a place in the Universal Evolution ..... but the mind boggles [and can not possibly comprehend some elements] of what may occur in the future.  Little by little we Learn!

One thing for sure, though,  Humans are NOT the be-all-and-end-all of the Universe.


Bill I respect, enormously, what I sense You  have, with continuity, contibuted whilst supporting those affected by the 'fall-out' of other's 'less than generous' actions.


I can only hope, that in the final analysis 'all' is worth it in the end .... for without participation, who or what can we be?


Your particicipation is light - both in bright sun and darkest shadow ... Pooh was very fortuneate to share with his wise Piglet!


in gratitude,

I send a virtual hug AND a wave from the hills


Oh, and yes, and right NOW "Wish you a merry evening" :-)


Best Wishes,


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