Dating on line? Stoma issue? U say?


I just had to edit something here ..  it was lacking important details from the original post. I am poking fun of my developing experience with online dating. as a outside of MAO.

The thought here is  a stoma isn't the problem with people dating. My goal is to prove it while having some fun..and not regret a damn thing.

  Hot topic here.. concerned about dating someone with a stoma or not. ppphtf. (not a typo)

  Remember, true story developing here.

Recently, I got a reply from a "viewer" - a female-  on a dating site, no not this one, and you know how  dating sites are like fishing??..  you got to use the right bait .( fine, appropriate attire. recent photo.)   cast your line out ( this does not mean dic pics).. hopefully you get a bite or two🤞 ( replies) and if you're lucky enough you reel this "fish" in and you start talking sweet  to her.. making it a nice conversation. an interesting one.

you are delirious, excited.. a happy umm fisherman.... and the conversation in text is mounting.. going on and on.. back and can't reply fast enough cause she is " text bombing"( think  A Chatty Cathy)   while you're trying to reply to her first text.  she is in four text deep by now..her family.. xmas.. new years...then specifically  about computers.. zoom meetings..face book..instr gram etc.....all that  information technology......  asking  her if she's an i.t. girl you know?? (internet-information teckie)  which I assumed (bad warrior..bad)  just about everybody knows  what i.t. means - pronounced - eye tee-  and her response was.. two minutes after bombing stopped. .... I'm half Italian and half French I'm thinking okay..🤔🤔 she probably thinks Alaska is an island.  throw back? or keeper?🤣🐠

Rose Bud 🌹

Ok I'm lost what is an I.t girl???? Am I really over thinking this one.

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I had to look it up. 😁 that would be the last thing I’d ask a woman. If she’s the only one to take your bait, might as well try. 🤷‍♂️

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copy that Alex..

she is the only one taking and talking me up.. and lives in same zip code. 🤞



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surely u jest?🙄 i know you're not are rose bud.🤣

yes sweetie..over thinking..

I.T. human resources? computer geek language?  

i will admit some abbreviations do give pause.. like HBU? BRB? IMO? 

but.. I.T.. ?? even a cave man can explain it, Bella.

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Then go pick her up, treat her like a princess and start a relationship as friends and progress from there. She’ll let you know when it’s ok to up your game. 

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Actually Google I T girl, there is another meaning. 


Ya got four reply posts to this thread so far warrior, that means a green light, go for it .... 💯

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Good luck with that fish…lol


i am doomed. the fish has a BA

in psychology. i'm soo busted!

thanks fellow osties. 🤞 

date night wed. gulp.😰

Rose Bud 🌹
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Ok...just asking because terms now a days don't mean what you think they should. I'd say if the convo is going well and you feel a connection go for it...sometimes you never know...I didnt think 8yrs ago I'd be with the same guy this long ,but here we are...goes to show you don't know unless your open to see how things can go. 

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thanks hon. wow 8 yrs. awesome 

very happy to hear this .HNY- happy new year!

Rose Bud 🌹
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Yeah and we were together only 4.5 before I became sick(really bad on my death bed and have had mutiple complications ever since)and well it goes without saing he's a keeper. AND HMYs to you too!!! GOOD LUCK with your date and remember just be yourself and IF she doesn't like it then throw her back in the sea and find yourself a true Mermaid🧜🏻‍♀️🤭

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You got that right he's a keeper thanks for the advice you take care

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1) do not call her a fish

2) everything else you know what not to do



i postponed the date. felt a bit pressured and if history repeats itself my warrior senses think its not a match made in heaven.

1- she is 8 years my junior.

2- already pushed the sex text buttons...( see # 4 below)

3- possibly has OCD. you know the off tilt mental health issue? (i have first hand knowledge of this type of thing. seeing red flags all over this..)

4-has some alpha tendencies.(thinking she has more testosterone than me ) 

5- says her soon to be divorced hubby is on same dating site as we are. they are still on good terms. and looking forward to divorce. ( whaaat? who says that? ever?)

6-lives about 2 miles from me. (potential stalker if things go sideways?   gunna have to move again. shit)..

so for those of you unaware of what's going on these days in the online dating forums, chief sitting bull agrees saying  bird in hand beats two in bush. but bring foreskin cover.   

for those of you  aware of such movies like SWF- SINGLE White FEMALE- or FATAL ATTRACTION , you'd get exactly my  concern-psycho !!! 

Sadly, I know what i'm talking about. Been there. Done that.

Pocahontas warns me also...

.. bring stoma guard and tooth brush. Take the blue pill. 🍆  🤗

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Thanks for this, it is really taking my mind off my problems LOL!  As someone who has been with the same guy since 16 years old (I'm now 51), I enjoy reading this.  I would have no clue how to on-line date, so this is interesting.  :)

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Alright now.  At least meet for a simple dinner.  Make sure you go to Carls Jr, McDonalds, Burger King first.  Munch down a yummy burger... then meet her for Din, Din.  Order first... a salad.  She will feel kinda silly ordering a big meal.  Will order something small too.  People like to talk about themselves.  Ask about her schooling, travels, movies, music, etc.  Say little about yourself.  Tell her ya had a great time.  Then don't call/text her for a week.  Then contact her on a Monday.  Tell her "sorry, busy."  Then invite her somewhere fun (your favorite place).  Have a good time.  Bottom line.  Does not have to be serious, just be yourself and have fun.  Let the "warrior" in you shine through.  

Now get out there and win one for the Gipper.

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great words of wise wisdom. thanks. you recalling your courting days with the young ladies??

frankly, she scares the poop outta me. even

 mr. stoma has retreated his ugly head like a frightened turtle.🐢.

best thing really is no expectations.equates no disappointments.

regarding dinner?   pretty sure whatever is left on my  plate, she'd inhale.  I'm reminded of a line in song. " hungry like the wolf.".

now substitute  hungry for horny.

( pls send that medic alert  ." 911 what's yur emergency. "   me : nothing really..just..having.. a ball. had to share.. " click"😋


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Don’t be a 🐔💩. 
1) age is nothing, unless it’s illegal. 😁

2) you’re scared of a woman that wants sex? FFS, what’s wrong with you man? 🤔

3) anyone on their own has OCD and wants things a certain way, this one is no excuse. 
4) this one may be a problem but you might be able to work it to your advantage. 🤷‍♂️

5) yeah, that’s weird. 
6) at least you can walk home if she slashes your tires or burns your clothes. 🤭

Personally I think you’re missing out on a great chance to expand your horizons and get a little spice in your life. Man up and live a little, it won’t kill ya…hopefully. 😁

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haha.. viewing your own colonoscopy  is less painful and more interesting than dating these days. am a victim of both. the former is a memory now- kenn butt. the latter way too tedious.

nothing like it used to age 25.  alot of game playing today. 

I am reminded of a song by hall & oates. " man eater". " uh oh here she comes.🎵🎶. only comes out at niiight. " gulp.

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Words of wisdom AlexT... words of wisdom


you two guys are living in the 50'sj

somewhat gentlemen by those standards. 20th century stuff.

some valid points  .agreed..however..a wake up call is needed for the 21st century boys  and like our stomas todays dating chica will shitz on you  .

gold diggers  are still here.

cougars too  

and psychos.

Respectfully and with a guys are horndogs.


where is my woman support saying " warrior ditch this bitch?"



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Gold diggers, cougars, psychos……variety is the spice of life. 😁 Is it better to live scared or be scared living? 🤔 You can never move forward if you don’t take a step. 😉

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yes i see your point Alex... I really do I.. its not being scared .nope. of this one gurl? yep. i. mean when I was 25 30 35 yeah definitely played the field you know??..power to the pee pee.

don't buy the cow when u get the milk free.

and variety is the spice indeed. but

I put up with that s*** ..long time ago .. and today smarter my radar is set.   . sorry I just don't have time for that or for those types of women and if I'm going to take a step forward it's not going to be in front of a NYC  bus..  but I do get where you're coming from.. acting 25 35 at 60 is not where I'm at... I just don't have the time for that BS and I think you would agree with me on that ..

I'm not saying that I don't appreciate the idea of a younger woman who would want to get naked  first date.. .. but a psycho?? no thanks been there. enjoyed it. done that .moving on.. 

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I guess you just keep casting your bait around til the right fish hits. 🤷‍♂️


I think I need to move to a different pond but I got to tell you you have to question the caliper of the women on some of these dating sites I mean if this woman comes on this strong with me can you imagine she's doing the same thing with other guys and if that's true what's going on there ?? why isn't she with  that guy.?? somebody doesn't approve.. anyway, moving on..

you're a good man Alex. 🤙

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She comes on that strong cause she thinks that’s what guys wanna hear. 

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🎵🎶 you may be right.. but i think she's crazy.. it just might be a luuuuuunatic I'm looking at🎵🎶

seriously, her younger age plays a roll in her experience and thinking that .. sadly,,  cause the younger guys on dating sites are horndogs !!

but..this old fart warrior is just charming her ass-sets off. 

have u ever been text bombed? 

it's insane. 

Rose Bud 🌹

Ok Warrior how much younger is she?..Umm I could help you out there if need figuring out how to handel this situation IF there's any kind of connection....Me and Nate do have a significant age gape between us. AND we're still together 🤭