Hi, my husband just had a stoma, end of  November. It’s been a long recovery- 10 weeks in hospital. He’s being discharged Friday, and I joined here to be among friends. 


Lots of nice helpful people on here

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Hello lanswife,

Welcome.  Hope all goes well during your husband's recovery.  Any questions... post on this web site.  Someone with experience will answer.  


What kind of ostomy did he receive? 

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Welcome to the site. You're  a part of the journey  as well as your husband.  All the best for him to have a speedy  recovery.

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Welcome! I know you will get lots of advice as well as opportunity to vent here. Best of luck to your husband as he continues to recover. You sound like a wonderful support to him.


Welcome to you and your husband!  Lots of good advice and support here, so don't be afraid to ask anything.  There are no dumb questions.



Welcome Ianswife.. You are indeed among friends. . You have come to the right place at the right time.

We can certainly help providing you helps us to help you with detailed information and keep us posted too.

Just be as specific as possible with your questions.  I find putting in the date, for example,  helps timely matter over the length of time and serves as a journal or chronological time stamp.

I realise you are new. 2024 asking here but this thread will expand overtime. and in a blink it will be two years old.  

I replied to a thread recently, for example. I didn't know it was from 2017.  Ha!  

Time stamping  helps future readers. Just saying.



Welcome to the site, I’m sure somebody here will have an answer or give you their life experience of how to live with an ostomy, Everyone is super nice here. It’s good to have another person with us. Have a blessed day.


Welcome. People here are a wealth of information and I hope your husband has a continued recovery at home and that he can make some friends on here too. It’s an adjustment, but people on here are very nice and willing to lend an ear and give great advice.

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Hello ianswife welcome to the site, if you can get your hubby on this site with you as there is hours of good reading here and info you wont get from the medical people.

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Hello Ianswife, such a lot what your husband has been through all those 10 weeks, and you too of course. 

Really nice for you both to be back together again from Friday, wishing him all the best to a very good recovery. 

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I’m not sure what it’s called, he had a section of the small bowel removed following a twist and blockage led to an emergency surgery. 

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It is an ileostomy