Wings! Band on the Run..w/some thump! Extended version.

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Well the bag exploded with a mighty splash when I rolled out from the bed….

thinking few choice words , screaming, neighbors heard me OH NO NOT A-GAIN. !!

Bag ….. split in two… . Bag split in two…..

A maaaaaassive leak, not a seep

a search for sheets……(sniff sniff)….and Febreze...

Cause the Bag went K-boom..….. Stunk up the room, as usual….

So immediately, it became clear to me, can something here be sung…???

other…. than... screaming what was done? let’s….. have some fun..

yea let’s……... have some fun…..Keyword being ….... fun.. Then trouble has begun..

Well administrators here drew a heavy sigh, because of what what I wrote,…..

decided enough’s enough… him on the hook… let’s give him the boooooot!!!

Warrior on the hook….. Warrior’s getting boot!!

Said Sailor Sam, and Nowhere man, yes indeed he will be …. cooked…

Warrior’s goose is cooked… His goose was cooked for good.

Saying Tony-baloney, you cant do this stuff no more….. it... grossed-out …..every-single-one..

I replied in jest, go get bent- saying NOT True you fools, ….. it just graphically true my events....

They replied unpleased, saying we shall see, here’s your papers you are served.

What the Fudge is this?? wasn’t expecting this !!. I was just having funnnnnnn.

I’m a…... Bagger on the Run… Bagger on the Run

Met the County Judge, Italian - ohh FUDGE! . threw his hands up in the air….

Shouting Mamma Mia ,--- whata hava ya dona….? Son- you-a- deaf and dumb.?

Answer me, are you-a- deaf and dumb!

Thinking bout …..running from the Judge…. Running from the Judge..

Judge , you plead-a..? Buono Giormo your Honor, Como Stai?

Of course, I’m Inn--ocent,…..

a harmless thought, was the idea capisce? , this case is reeks of bull--shit.

Judge quipped

No !…. This-a notta fun no Bull.. You speaka leak?? You Son ofva gun, Ita gross everyone..


Now displeased with me, I am totally freaked possible jail time looms,

Thinking bout cell mates boom boom rooms.

baggers guuna get boinked ..baggers gunna get boinked…

And with a Kenn Butt?? ahhhh Mamma Mia, sore pris-siner!


Antonio, ….Coma here…. approach-a dah bench.. Coma be quiet, don’t fall…

My- my biggest fear, spread out on all four.....boink boink forever more..

On Mamma Mia, helpa me-ah…... no….. fun at all… no…... fun at all...

I started thinking hump hump slap,, maybe I should fall ??

Should bagger fake a fall, ?? bagger should stage a fall...

As I drew closer to him,…….something in the … wind… a sniff sniff through me off..

think--ing, I gotta a plan…..I gotta plan…

what can I use? ---A stoma fart, or bust my bag in two.. I …..fall..

I will accomp-lish this… hit the floor …..for this…I wish I wish...

Reeking awfulleeeeee.. upon closer degree, it really wasn’t me..….,gag..

Thankfully, its not me… no it wasn’t me... nope wasn’t me...

As I stomped my feet….. my notorious thump, thump, beat in server de-fault,

He jumped up said clear dah roooooooma…. No one left but me..

In anticipation of my doom, around me he zoomed, … as….he clapped thump

thumped beats in re--tort.

What- does- this- mean??. Are you making fun of me?? You son of a...Beee...

And as air grew weeeeeak, he signed to me, he clearly wasn’t well….shhhh!

He said Son, looka--you thinka? opened his robe… can YOU help meeeeeee.??

.. he... was former Hell.


Judge ..had.. sprung a leak… Judge had sprung a leak….yup,. down to his feet..

He’s has an ile-osto-me, I just could not believe..


In shock I ….re—ply , I got ack-cesso--rieeeeeeees ..extra bags and rings...times three…

I carry specifically, let’s see what YOU neeeeeeeeed… Si ? Si !!

But as turned to him, with a grin ask cautiously. Piasan, what’s in it for me..??

Chuckling so hard, he began to peeeee, said, Eh Goom-bah. Prego, Arriverderci..

No…..More Bagger on the Run… I will carry on.











The Make-A-Wish fundraiser band that my husband and I were in covered this tune and I will never be able to sing the real song with a straight face again! 🤣

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Do not panic.. this is an official WARRIOR alert.  Lock your doors, hide your pets, secure the toliet.  Ranting for days now... he's known to blow bags with a single blast.  If spotted... walk away... fast.  Armed with an ostomy... you don't wanna witness "what's under the kilt."   

Be afraid..... very afraid.      

                       Cuz he's BAD..BAD... Warrior Brown.  Baddest Ostemate in the whole damn  town,   Meaner than an old ding dong,   Tougher than a junkyard dog. 

Now Warrior more than trouble,
he got a stoma 'bout six foot four
Downtown toilets call him "Treetop drainer"
All the men just call him "Sir" 

Now Warrior he a partier
And he like his fancy clothes
And he like to wave his barrier rings
In front of everybody's nose 

And he's bad..mad... Warrior Brown
Lounging on the throne, wearing a crown.
Meaner than a bag burp cloud,
Tougher than a wafer plate 

Well Friday bout a week ago
Warrior shootin' the dice
And at the edge of the bar
Sat a cat named Beachboy
Munchin' popcorn, oh it looked nice 

Warrior cast his eyes upon it
And trouble soon began
Warrior Brown learned him a lesson 'bout grabin'
Popcorn from a hungry man


Reply to eefyjig

hee hee.. wait until i add the emojis..

🎵gunna look so good fur shur..🎶 you' ll remember it as best you..😊could.🎵

gracie bella effy.


😉  Blast from the past.....

Bad Company.    

I still have their 8 track cassette somewhere in my attic.

Once went on a surf safari with surf rat friends to Baja in my trusty 68 VW van.  Only had the Bad Company 8 track.  Heard it all week loooong.

How to Manage Emotions with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

 Just don't tell him about YouTube videos..............let's keep it as written text only.  PLEASE!!



Hello Warrior.
I love this one too.
A great big smile to me from you.

Best wishes


Reply to Beachboy

good band...Epic .i just recall one their name sake. and i think another...if yur trains on time..? whoa...memory banks over loading..

the 8- track in yur attic is likely toasted.

But the van worth some coin..

ahh yes those...were...the days my friend🎵we thought they never end🎵we'd sing and dance forever and a day.💃

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