Craziest thing you've had to do since having the bag


I'll go first. I was still not used to all this and I'd went to work without an extra barrier and bag. So of course I'm moving around at work and lucky for me I'm constantly checking to make sure the barrier is stuck to my skin and it wasn't. Instantly panic. I grab a roll of that thick clear packing tape. I taped the hell out of the barrier and even though I crinkled when I bent over it saved the day.


I had my ileostomy. My daughter and I wanted to go eat at Texas Roadhouse, I had my ileostomy, probably a month and didn’t know how it would react so we ordered dinner, Right before steaks came, my bag burst, and I told my daughter better get those steaks to go ran into the bathroom cleaned me up best I could, no supplies on hand, and our waitress got a really really nice tip and off to home we went. Thank God we was only 2 miles from the house.

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6 months before getting sick, I had booked 2 vacations.  First one was a 2 week driving trip to central California during my company's 2 week Christmas holiday   shutdown.  Second trip was a 1 week "80's music" theme cruise leaving in early March.

Not wanting to cancel, I had my disability leave cut short.  So 3 weeks after my 7 hour emergency/exploratory surgery, I returned to full time work.  I could hardly walk.  But slowly persevered.  Then 2 months later went on the cruise.  Right after coming home from that adventure, I passed out at work, smacking my head on a machine. Resulting in an interesting ride via paramedics back to the "big house" (hospital).  


not looking forward to anything near future.. ..thanks for the heads up. crazy is on the bus..



Relationship with my ex lol, I've had my ileostomy over 30 years there's not much I haven't done and still have mishaps now mostly my own fault  lol 

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Nothing crazy, I’ve  never really had any issues. 🤷‍♂️ The smartest thing I’ve ever done since having an ostomy is take a one way flight to Tennessee. 


The craziest things I did and said was to hide it to make it invisible. Some helped and some didn't.


During a surgery in which they moved meat from my thighs to my stomach to rebuild the stomach wall I agree to let them use leeches to promote blood flow to the area. Halfway through the treatment, we began to wonder if these things laid eggs or not after some research by the nurses found out They are sterile. Right😅


Early on, I had pouch leak during a union negotiation lunch and intentionally spilled coffee in my lap as a reason to cut meeting short and go home and change.   Not smart, definitely an overreaction, traded one embarrassment for another.  Would handle different today.

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Cplumber, so... I'm gonna ask instead of jumping straight to google b/c google can't have a fun conversation... are all leeches sterile? if so, how do they reproduce?  or were these special hospital leeches? I thought we stopped using leeches by the early 1900s? Guess not?!

Rose Bud 🌹
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Rose Bud 🌹

Maybe not a crazy thing ,but me and my 3 nieces are really close..2 of them are adults and one oh sooo spoiled teenager ...Since Im like a MOM to them when they "TRY" and get snippy with me or there sister's all I say is...Don't make me through my 💩 at you like a monkey and it gets them to stop all the time...And of of them just had to be a little smart ass and say ..Yeah we don't wanna see Aunties 💩  hit the fan...🤭Guess I never have to give them the EVIL EYE anymore to get them to stop acting like little buttheads ☺️

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@ rose bud..

got to think of swinging your 💩..or attempting to threaten is illegal in some states. 😆.



Rose Bud 🌹

What isnt illegal now a days....getting a spanking or having Granny whip your but a hair brush or belt was normal in the 80s ...and they know NOT to mess with me even though the 2 are in there early 30s and the spoiled one ...they know  I dont play and the teenager listens better to be then her parents cuz I don't put up with the crybaby/smart mouth...BUT hey Maybe one day I'll be on the 10 O'clock news......40yr old woman threatens to swing ostomy waste at nieces for acting up .... Guess the 💩 really hit the fan...More at 11 🤣



yepp.. the shoe..swear my mom had perfected the  art of throwing us..🤕

my dad..the belt whisperer. 😳

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The good old days.  Did something stupid, paid for it.  Be it shoe leather or belt.

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My husband still remembers his grandma taking off her flip flops to swat him as a child,  he said it was horrible because she had huge feet and wore a size 12 shoe 😂😂

And don’t forget the wooden spoon….a classic in our house growing up😬

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I'm a dentall hygienist. I'm working away and feeling those 'tickly' feelings around the flange which some may realize is a leak starting. Luckily the patient in chair was in a big hurry! I look down and yup, getting wet. So, I work REALLY quick and say: "This is your expedited cleaning today! Good bye!" Luckily there is a huge garbage container in my room! Door closed, I am grabbing all the paper towel to clean up as best I can! I always carry barrier strips with me. Luckily ileostomy waste doesnt have a lot of odour because it was in the garbage... geesh! 

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Like we always say:  Gotta be tough... to be an Ostomymate.

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..u had me at " getting wet"..😆

although that phrase should have at least meant getting stinky..

and it does. u caught it in time.. lucky you..

and i am sorry but ilio waste does stink quite a bit. 🤔.and if left in that trash can?? its gunna linger ..

just saying..yur nose might not be as sensitive as ours..

u had a good day..🤗

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@cplubmer   nice visual..

 there goes my appetite for burgers and eggs. thanks bud..😆🤑


The craziest thing Ive done is to stop eating plants and grains. I became a carnivore 2 years after becoming an ostomate and now have zero issues with my health or my ostomy. I dont have leaks, rashes, blockages, pancaking, constipation or digestive pain. I have a liquid output and very little of it. I went from depressed and negative to only remembering Im an ostomate when I empty my rarely full bag. Im feeling awesome and wish everyone felt this good. Best wishes Terri.

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well ?.........................................

go on >................................

make us smile ..........


Leaving us wondering - naughty you lol


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F1 bred for med purposes - are all such created within bab conditions - I guess so - otherwise how could a 'sterile' or nearish sterile environ be created in theatre?

NIce one Cplumber!


I had the same thoughts when historically leeches wre used in coonjuction with their blood sucking capacities [never too much] in delicate eye surgery - before methods moved on.



There is none the less a certain 'un-ease' didn't you find - although 'clinically clean'


my eyebrow rmains raised




Good luck with the graft ..... hope the theigh healed promptly - although I guess one can't "monitor" the stomache quite so easily!




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Practice makes perfect .....

We can sometimes be over self conscious .....

but hey - early days then hey.




Went on a trip one week after having stoma surgery and had to stay in a room with my boyfriend’s dad and brother. My stomach was starting to wake up and it made so many noises while sleeping.. all throughout the night. I didn’t tell them in detail about my surgery. I was so embarrassed 



Welcome to our little corner of the world wide web.  I'm at 15 months with a colostomy.  I was talking to co-workers this morning, and my stoma was making all kinds of noise.  I just pat the bulge in my shirt and say "quiet you", or "shoosh."

It takes a while to get used an Ostomy.  I learned how to care for it from the good folks on this web site.