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Aquafit or swimming with a large hernia?


Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone else out there has ever been given any guidance on swimming or doing Aquafit with a large (well, the size of half a melon!) hernia? I am desperately trying to lose weight and am now trying Slim Fast as I can't eat any green veg or normal diet foods, but I thought some exercise might help and as I am so restricted with that as well (bad heart means I can only walk 10 metres at a normal pace), I thought that swimming might help, although I am not particularly good at it. I have thought that I don't quite know how to hide this alien thing as it is very visible. One of my ideas was to half blow up a balloon and put it on the other side and then say I was pregnant!!! Mind you, at 57, I don't think I will get away with it ha ha!! Also, any diet tips would be most welcome. Thanks a lot.

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hey supernan hahahah pregnant good outlook but your in a bind Hey a bind wat about somthing like that oohhh darlz i see the dilema and i have seen some huge hernias our member use support belts for Hernia's but for doing is that like water arebics arobiics arg typing aint to good either what about a swimsuit with the skirt thingy on it i have oh im getting mine checked out too arg not that we need hernias as well hey !!!!!!!!! x x x mooza

P.S. water arebics at night  hahah another crazy thought !
Hello - I too have a hernia, mine is a bit odd, it is bigger one one side of my stoma than the other side of my stoma. Weird can't explain it.

But have spoke to your doctor about swimming? He may have some suggestions Also I have worn swimming shorts and a light tee-shirt in the pool.

There are also "swimming outfits". I found them on the Lands end website. I am 58 and way past bikinis (wouldn't that be a lovely sight; bag and all) sorry I'm American we tend to say such things. But I found the swimming outfits to be attractive and in different colors, they come in two piece or one-piece. Take a look. Lands
Hi, there. I have a smaller hernia than yours, but it's appalling, nevertheless. Under clothes, I wear underwear that smashes it down sufficiently, but under my swimsuit, I probably should also wear the underwear... or get a hernia belt for swimming. I think I've seen an ad for a neoprene belt for ostomates on this site. Sorry Ican't recall the name of it... and if I do I'll try to remember to come back and tell you what it is.  I swim anyway. I bought a swimdress a couple sized too big and it hangs to my mid thighs, which is probably nutty, but... I feel nicely concealed in it.  My daughters say it looks "hot".  I think not. But I don't care. I need the exercise, or i need to cool off, and... I'm going to swim whether I look "hot" or not.  I hope you will, too.
Hi I seem to be in the same situation as you and I do go Aquafit classes, 3 times a week I also have a degenerative spine, which just kills me to walk.

I do find the water a great help and feel so much better after I have done the exercises

I decided to take a membership in my local pool so now I have the luxury of the spa at no extra cost, not really supposed to sauna with a bad heart, but 5 mins is ok and the same in the steam, but a bit longer in the jucussi is just wonderful, go and enjoy I wont miss it I feel now if I dont do it I wont be able to walk at all so enjoy
regards from Marcella

I just wear a normal costume no one sees it in the water
Thanks everyone for your input so far, and I think one answer would be to wear ane of my belts under the swimsuit, and I do have a skirted swimsuit, but the trouble is when it gets wet, it is still prone to cling, and boy is there something to cling to.!! However, I think I am going to have to wait until I see my stoma nurse as one site says that the drag of the water could make it worse!  Mind you, Mooza, you gave me one brilliant idea for when I get sorted and looked into moonlight swimming and guess what, I found a pool up the road that does just that.  What it is to have brains eh?  And wondering if sounds like a wonderful lady.
Hi there boatlady, I am so pleased to hear that there is someone else out there with these types of problems.  Can you tell me did you have to get the o.k. for the aquafit or did you just turn up?  My problem is that as this is still relatively new to me (8months post op), I am still very nervous of anything making this alien bigger.  The costume thing wasn't about in the water, it was getting to it, as You are not allowed to take towels through, but what the heck, I can live with that bit if it means I can do the rest.
I had my ostomy in 1986, one of the first things I did was with a group of other ostomates at the hospital pool we all went swimming.

It was good but then I moved out of that area, so just started to go to my local pool, found out about the activities and went for the aquafit, the other people in the class now know about my problem and encourage me, sometimes we go to the sports centre pool and have tea it has turned into a real social do and I look forward to it every week, we have also booked our christmas outing. I am thinking of doing pilaties as it's a gentle exercise need to think a bit more I am a bit slow on the up take

since I had my ostomy there is nothing I can't do I have had holidays abroad even to Australia and USA and lots on the continent.

was rejected by my husband because he couldn't stand it but I got over that too.

I live on a narrowboat which was bought as a project learned a lot about DIY don't use a chisel as a screwdriver any more and just love my scorpion saw!!! and thank god for sons they have helped me so much luv em to bits
well supernan hope this has inspired you to get up and go for it I am off to the hospital more checkes on my heart
Hi, well you certainly have inspired me.  I think I missed out somewhat as I had to go back in after a week to have another 2 ops due to a bad infection.  after 2 weeks I was allowed home but 2 weeks later was readmitted for a week with bronchial asthma.  I think that was what caused the hernia (all the coughing).  After that I was just getting back o n my feet when they did another angiogram and found my right artery had blocked right off again.  I can't have anything else done about that as I already have 11 stents in that one.  So, I have been a bit slow in picking up.  Also I have only had my stoma looked at once since I have been out and that was back in April. However, I am now certainly going to try and get myself motivated.  As I have always been such an active person, also doing all my own d.i.y I do get very frustrated that I am not allowed to do anything any more and so I am just going to go and paint my kitchen!!  Once again, many thanks.
Hi, franmcg thanks a lot for the info.  I will certainly look into that site.  You  are all so helpful I cannot believe it.  All my questions answered, however silly they may seem, I am so grateful.
Boatlady, hope all the checks with your heart went o.k. I have now finished painting the ceiling (the hardest bit) and will start the walls tomorrow.  Look out world, I'm back ha ha

Hi - You mentioned you were trying to lose weight.  I have been on a program from Isagenix -- you might want to check them out.  I am NOT involved in selling them.  I just thought you might want to check them out.  I know that I lost 10# --- and if I didn't eat so much junk food and chocolate - I'd probably be losing even more!!  But, the most amazing thing I found is that I am seeing "definition" along my ribcage - whereas before it was just a rounded tummy.  So - I KNOW it is getting rid of fat off my body!!!!!
Hi NorthVanGirl, thanks for the input, I have never heard of Isagenix, so perhaps they don't sell it over here or it come under another name.  At the moment I am still on Slimfast although I find it tends to give me wind, but I think I have lost a few pounds, weigh day is Friday, so here's hoping.
hi again supernan all was ok...ish at the hospital, got to have a lung function test now I need putting in a bag and shaking up that will cure all but don't know any one who can lift a tonne weight!!! lol

Boatlady:  Glad things weren't too bad at check up. Mind you, rather you than me for the lung perfusion test as I wouldn't be able to keep blowing long enough.  One word of advice I can give you is that if you ever do a peak flow meter reading, hold on to your hernia while you blow.  I didn't  and I think another foot of intestine shot out. Felt like it anyway.  So as my grandmother used to say "keep your hand on your ha'penny"!!  Wrong context but right advice!  By the way, I have finished painting the kitchen except the skirting boards, as Harry the Hernia won't let me bend down that far, and I can't kneel.  Took me a long time as I had to keep stopping for breath but did it! Now I shall have to decide my next trick.  Jenny
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