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Hi, newbie here.

I am pretty much a newbie here and have spent many hours reading through members' posts.
I had colorectal cancer about a year ago. This was operated on. I then went on six weeks of chemotherapy followed by six weeks of radiation treatment, including one week of 'eltron boost' at the end of treatment.
My stoma therapy Sister told me that I had a 'poorly constructed stoma'. This was shortly after my operation when she was assisting me with my colostomy bags.
I have since developed a Peristomal Hernia. My stoma therapy sister says surgery does not really benefit in the long run. She recommended I use a hernia belt (which I made myself to suit a pouch).
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Three months ago, I started getting severe stomach cramps, the kind that wake you from a deep sleep or stop you in your tracks if you are upright. My GP said it was a mild case of gastro. The cramps are gone now.
Now, I have constant diarrhea, and my stomach area has become very noisy and can be heard up to about 5 meters away.
My question is, has anyone else had this vocal stomach and constant diarrhea?
Any feedback is appreciated.
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Hello Mack,
I haven't really had the problems you mention in this particular way.  However, I would like to take the opportuntiy to welcome you to the site.   Just so that I can contribute something that might be helpful - I used to need to use Loperimide to regulate the looseness. However, the tablets were far too strong and would create blockages. I was prescribed the Loperimide in a liquid form and I'd measure it out in small amounts to suit my needs in a small, syringe.  This worked very well alongside psyillium husk which also helped create the right consistency and diminish wind.
I hope that's helpful  
Best wishes    Bill
Welcome Mack - yes I get the dreaded noise - when the stomach and Stepfan the Stoma get together they can sound like a bad metal rock band - all I do is have a snack usually carb filled and take a gas tablet - I try to stay away from the foods that cause gas and I eat five meals a day with the lightest meal in the evening.   I also have diarrhea and I take Lomotil for it every day. Hope this helps. Terry
Hi Tess45,
Thanks for the advice, i will try taking a gas tablet and maybe some Lomotil or loperamide, as Bill suggests.
i have been on 1/2 a betaperamide a day maybe i am not having enough dosage?
Thanks again
Hi Bill,?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /o:p/o:p
Thanks for the info, i am a bit weary of over doing the gastro tabs as you mentioned the blockages. I think i must use the process of elimination, try something new until i find one that works.o:p/o:p
Thanks againo:p/o:p
I find that imodium A-D helps when I have diarrhea. And I get diarrhea from the chemo I am on. the nurse recommended it. Good luck

Hi Mack, i have same problems with the runs and stomach noises, i agree it all depends on what your eating. If i dont eat on time then gas seems to be created, so its trial and error. there are meds you can take. But i find marshmellows can help things when your passing too much loose stool. Hope you find some of these post ambies
Sounds like you had quite the treatment and the trauma is probably still having its effect. It might just be a matter of just needing more time to normalize. I know that Immodium can be effective, but be a bit careful because the Immodium and other meds like this,  can cause cramping. After all, their function is to slow down gut motility and enhance absorption thus eliminating the loose bowels. The excess gas is probably the result of the type and quantity of food you are eating. Over time you will learn what types of food you should avoid. The old trial and error. Be well.

Thanks for all the replies, i am trying Loperamide, at the moment which seems to have great short term results, and will give the marsh mellows a go.
Thanks again.
oatmeal is also a good food to slow things down - even before you go to bed

Never thought of that one Tess, great will try that one myself....ambies
Sometimes gas can cause painful cramps. I wonder if probiotics would help? I take them and garlic tabs. I have to stay away from beer and beans, ha ha. I also had radiation, I am sure it effects the motility of the bowel that is left. I also have a small hernia, it looks like a tiny blipp, I sometimes draw a face on it!

I have found bananas to be the wonder food for all kinds of problems and am very sorry on the infrequent days when I don't eat one in the morning.  Ditto yogurt.

Also, for gas, try Beano or Gas-X Preventive (if you have these products in S. Africa).  Works like a charm for me.  
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