Pumpkin Pie: Anyone Else Experience Digestive Issues?


Does anyone have a problem with pumpkin pie? I get a sick feeling and bloated. I thought it was from eating too much, but I had a piece after dinner tonight and I had to lay down.


Black pepper and cinnamon are made from bark...very hard on guts. I have to be careful with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg....any of those ground up hard things. Good news though...cinnamon oil is fine.

Just a thought.


I haven't had any problems with any foods, but for some reason, pumpkin pie makes me feel awful. I really thought it could have been something else, but over the past month, I had it several times and each time I got sickly... The only thing I have to watch is alcohol. Two drink maximum anymore and I'm down with cramps.

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I do pumpkins are a squash family and it's bad for me. Almost all veggies make me bloated and not feeling good until it passes through. So, I haven't eaten veggies since 1994 and have cured most of the bloated problems and gas build-up thanks to my gastrologist. I only get problems when I eat something that someone tries to sneak in food when I ask if there are veggies in it and they say no. Other than that, it's all self-inflicted by what I choose to eat.


Lol weewee...re: people sneaking veggies in. What's with that? Or they get offended if you choose not to self-inflict with their food.

Re: alcohol. Eww, cramps? Scary. I drink a couple times a year to check for holes. The only time it has hurt is when I had fistulas.

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Often, ginger is a spice which is used to add zest to pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, and other holiday foods. Even a "pumpkin" spice may contain ginger. It has a very tasty exotic flavor, but it really can upset your stomach and increase gastric reflux. It's usually better after 24 hours.

I like pumpkin pie, but my gut doesn't. It never hits me well.


Pumpkin always bothers me. It is especially bad if the pie is of high quality (i.e., made from scratch or bakery quality).
The cheap frozen pumpkin pies don't bother me as much. Do you have this problem with other pies? It could be all the fat in the crust, you know.


Only pumpkin bothers me. I can eat apple, peach, cherry, old fashioned cream, etc., only pumpkin gives me a bad time.

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