Traveling in France: Update on my Amazing Trip!

Well, thanks to everyone for all the great tips on traveling in France!

I am here now with my son and having the time of my life!
We rented an apartment through Paris for Rent, I highly recommend them.
They actually picked us up at the airport and drove us to the apartment. Pricey but worth it for me as I still have very bad foot neuropathy from 12 rounds of chemo, even though I finished a month ago. Could not face lugging the luggage about the subway and rail with all the steps.

We are right by Notre Dame, five minutes walk away! Three subway stops in different directions..with a market at the next road over. We stopped there today for our dinner supplies...brie, baguette, green salad and foie gras! Plus of course a bottle of red wine!

Already checked into McDonald's for a couple of bathroom stops! Perfect! So far Piglet has proven very cooperative...emptying in the morning and staying quiet all day! Got the precut extra supplies with me though in case of a volcano eruption...Still struggle with loose stools so have the Imodium too...

Colm if you read this, where do I find Pariscope? I have checked a few newspaper vendors but no sign of it so sister arrives from England Friday and we have the Musee d'Orsay on our list. Today we mooched around Sacre Coeur and the back streets of Montmartre...wonderful! The weather is chilly but nice and sunny, so even though the trees are bare...all is bright and beautiful...

Ps....the die for! I will only have myself to blame if a blowout happens!

Hi Terry, third time lucky... I keep trying to post to this but it accepts it and then disappears. I'm slightly jealous of you out there right now. It must be wonderful with the magnolia coming into blossom! You should be able to find Pariscope at the kiosks, especially those on or near the Champs Elysees. Alternatively, there's L'Officiel des Spectacles... another weekly listing magazine. I know Pariscope comes out every Wednesday... so make sure to have a look tomorrow morning. Delighted you made it out there!!! Bon courage, Colm

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Pleased to hear that you made it to France, our temporary adoptive home. Spring is certainly a great time to be in Paris. But, no more foie gras! Its production is incredibly cruel, otherwise enjoy the French gastronomy.


I love Paris!!! I have been there many times....I usually stay near the Opera because you can catch a movie very easily....lots of movie houses. Enjoy yourself.....would like to know the name of the realtor that you used.


She said it was 'Paris for rent'.

I love Paris, well France really. Her post has made me quite envious. France, Spain, Italy - here I come!
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"Thank you"......Kate

Just saw the question on 'Paris for Rent' and
thought I would do a quick update on my experience with them.
This company is based in California, but run by a French lady who has stayed at all the locations she rents out, so is full of helpful info to make sure you get the best location for you.

There is quite a steep deposit, in the form of a check that is sent three weeks before you go.
I was a bit skeptical...but very pleasantly surprised when that deposit was returned promptly. So don't let it put you off. I liked it because all rental amounts were in dollars and I got to pay in dollars, so that made it easy for me. The service was absolutely top notch, for example on the day we arrived...we had free wifi...I dashed off a note to her that the apartment was perfect but for the next guests it would be nice to have more clothes hangers in the place..well two hours later her Parisian contact arrived with a stack of new hangers for us! Impressive!

She returns emails promptly and calls to explain things thoroughly. We will use them again for sure as my sister wants to go back for her birthday in 2014! The apartment was called 'Notre Dame' so look it was just charming!

Cheers everyone!

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